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2015 Mustang Hendy Ford Eastleigh 17th September

Now the ultimate American performance icon is coming to the UK. Leaner, faster and more heart-stopping than ever before. The new Mustang redefines its own legend for a new era with new technology and styling. This is the first Mustang designed with European tastes in mind, and the first to be built in right-hand drive configuration. If you've always wanted a Mustang, the new 10th-generation car will be easy to live with and fully supported by Hendy Ford.

The first 500 cars destined for Europe sold out in 30 seconds as 9,300 fans fought for their car when orders first opened, but of course more are on the way. You can explore the new Mustang for yourself at Hendy Ford's exclusive preview event on the 17th. No appointments are necessary, but you will want to take the time to see the most remarkable Ford in a generation.

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