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Welcome toHendy Ford Tyres

Here at Hendy Ford, we understand the importance of tyre quality - have you inspected yours recently? Your tyres are the only four parts of your car that touch the road, so it really is imperative that they're up to standard at all times to make sure that you and your passengers stay safe.

Whether you're in need of puncture repair or it's time to get a whole new set of new tyres fitted, our team at Hendy is here to help. You'll be pleased to know that we also offer a complimentary tyre check to look closely at the condition of your tyres, along with tread depth and wear, bulges and bubbles.

If it's new tyres that you need, we have budget, mid-range and premium tyre choices for you to choose from, and they all come with our Tyre Price Match Promise - if you're not sure which option to go for, our experts will recommend a suitable tyre for your expected mileage and price range.

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