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At Hendy, we have a brand-new service that's available to you - and it's called Hendy Connect. This innovative plug-in driver's solution simply slots into your vehicle's OBD port and data it collects is available via the Hendy Connect smartphone app.

Hendy Connect is the answer to all of your driving worries, helping to keep you and your passengers both connected and protected. Its many features are able to assist in many instances, including if your vehicle breaks down, can't remember where you've parked, when your road tax, MOT test and service are due, if your vehicle's stolen or if you're in a collision.

If your vehicle is for the entire family and you've got a new driver in the car, Hendy Connect can help you to keep an eye on their progress. Better yet, it'll even give you an idea of cost for vehicle tyres, parts and accessories, it'll find out the latest valuation of your car, and it can even keep track of how well you're driving - that's from an efficiency angle and a safety perspective.

When you start using Hendy Connect, you'll soon wonder how you managed without it before.  Contact us today if you'd like to know more about this fantastic new service from Hendy .

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Explore the Features of Hendy Connect....




    My Mechanic


    Engine light on? Your Hendy Connect will help you understand the problem and the best way to fix it.



    Crash Assistance


    Your Hendy Connect protects you. If you are in a collision and we cannot contact you, we will direct emergency services to your location.



    Stolen Car


    If your car is stolen, contact us and we will let the police know where to look.



    My Driving


    Track how well you are driving...Keep fuel costs down and ensure you and your family are safer on the road.



    Business Miles

      Accurately record all of your journeys and download them direct to an expenses form at the click of a button.


    Where Did I Park?


    Can't remember where you parked? Hendy Connect will tell you!



    Family Car


    New driver in the family? Hendy Connect is the perfect way to check on how they are progressing in those early years behind the wheel.



    Breakdown Help


    Broken down? We can help co-ordinate your recovery with your provider.



    Service Plan


    Never forget when your service is due; we'll remind you based on the mileage of your vehicle.



    My Deals


    Check out our latest deals to save money on everything from retail to new tyres.



    Value My Car


    Get the latest valuation of your car, powered by HPI. Then use that instant price for better deals and finance on your next purchase.



    MOT & Tax


    Never forget. We will remind you when your MOT and Tax is due.

Contact us today if you'd like to know more about this fantastic new service from Hendy.