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The Honda NSX Total Airflow Management Concept

The Honda NSX has a rich history of challenging other supercars and the New NSX is no different, taking a different approach of design offering a 'New Sports eXperience'. One concept that has remained prominent throughout the car's development is 'total airflow management'. Total airflow management has been factored into the build of the Honda NSX to help achieve a superior drive, benefiting from increased downforce, minimised drag and enhanced grip, stability and balance.

Thomas Ramsay (NSX Aerodynamics and Cooling Project Leader) comments; "To meet the challenge of the ambitious performance targets, innovative packaging design and dramatic styling, Honda's engineers had to totally re-imagine the exterior engineering for this modern supercar," continues Ramsay. "This new 'total airflow management' strategy supports component cooling and aerodynamic performance while also contributing to even more dynamic styling."

The Honda NSX is due for Europe release autumn this year.

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