Have you considered a Nearly New vehicle?

If you can't decide whether a brand-new or used car is the best option for you, why not consider a third option: a nearly new car? It strikes the perfect balance between new and use - nearly new condition with a price tag you'd associate with a used car.

Sound too good to be true? It's not! Nearly new cars offer a whole host of benefits to potential buyers, and it's not all about price...

Nearly new vehicles have been registered by the dealership in the last 12 months - often to meet a sales target set by the manufacturer - but have never been used by a 'real' owner. Usually, the only journey they've made is from a holding compound to the dealership, meaning they have very low mileage and are in 'as new' condition. What's more, because they're held in stock at the dealership, they're available for immediate delivery.

View our range of 19-plate and 69-plate nearly new vehicles below.

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