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Hendy Kia to host ULEV Roadshow Event - 4th May 2017


Trusted Dealers and Energy Saving Trust launch national car saving campaign as interest in ULEVs surges


NFDA Trusted Dealers and national consumer advice organisation the Energy Saving Trust are running a free motoring event in a range of locations across the country, after new research found that almost one third of drivers in Southampton (28%) are considering an electric car as their next vehicle, but are baffled by what to look for.

The event is part of a national campaign to increase awareness among UK car buyers about the benefits of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) and includes events around the country.

The survey of 1,000 motorists, carried out by OnePoll on behalf of leading used car website NFDA Trusted Dealers, found that, despite almost one third of motorists in Southampton considering an electric vehicle as their next car, nearly one third (28%) of those not interested in ULEVs are put off because they don't know enough about them.

Price is a major concern for two thirds of drivers in Southampton, with 60% of those who wouldn't consider buying an electric car saying price is a current barrier for switching to electric power, and just under one in ten (8%) saying more government incentives are needed to convince drivers to make the switch.

The government currently offers incentives up to £4,500 for car buyers choosing new ULEVs, as well as providing grant funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing electric vehicle charge points at domestic properties across the UK.

Driving range is another concern, as almost three quarters (73%) of those in Southampton not interested in an ULEV believe there are not enough charging points for electric vehicles. Current figures show there are 12,316 connectors for electric cars, across 4,343 locations in the UK.

Figures released by the Department for Transport revealed more than 9,500 ULEVs were registered in the UK between April to June 2016, an increase of 49% on the same period last year.

The Southampton event, taking place on 4th May at Hendy Kia, Eastleigh, will give drivers the opportunity to experience the latest electric technology first hand.

The Energy Saving Trust's electric vehicle experts will explain what an ULEV is and how making the change could save buyers money. They will also bust myths around ULEVs such as their range and cost, and show how changes to our cities in future will make these vehicles even more beneficial. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to test drive a range of electric vehicles.

To apply for a place on the Southampton masterclass, go to https://www.trusteddealers.co.uk/ulev.

Neil Addley, Managing Director of NFDA Trusted Dealers, said: "Our research has revealed that a significant number of car buyers are now seriously considering low-emission vehicles for their next car, but are at a loss as to where to start. On the Trusted Dealers site we have seen more green cars filtering through to the used car market, with more than 200 vehicles listed on our site."

Andrew Benfield, Group Director of Transport at the Energy Saving Trust, added: "Our work has shown that ULEVs not only save consumers money in the long run, but are better for the environment when it comes to energy use, yet awareness around the benefits of these vehicles is relatively low. Our partnership with Trusted Dealers will allow us to speak directly to consumers and debunk common misconceptions about green cars. We want to give drivers the real facts about ULEVs so they can consider one as their next vehicle."

Trusted Dealers is part of the National Franchised Dealer Association (NFDA), one of the UK's leading motor industry bodies. The site, which lists cars from the country's top dealerships, offers complete peace of mind for those buying a used car online.

The Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation providing evidence-based advice and groundbreaking research that helps people save energy every day. Trusted by consumers, businesses and organisations for its expertise and independence, its goal is to find new and better ways to drive change and reduce energy consumption.

To find out more, please visit https://www.trusteddealers.co.uk/ulev.

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