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Kia Motors has revealed new images of the pro_cee'd concept. Kia's new concept car made its world debut at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show on 12th September.

Designed at Kia's European design centre in Frankfurt, just 500 metres from where it was unveiled, the pro_cee'd concept indicates what the next-generation cee'd could look like.

The concept presents a new body type for Kia - the extended hot hatch styling retains the athleticism of the current pro_cee'd model, but combines its striking visual presence with a dash of real-world versatility. Reworked and reimagined for a new generation of driver, it puts forward a bold vision for a potential member of the next-generation cee'd family.

Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Europe for Kia Motors, commented: "With many European drivers now seeking performance alternatives to the three-door hot hatch, we began thinking about a different halo model for the cee'd family. The pro_cee'd concept represents a bold new vision of how the vibrant soul of the pro_cee'd could be reincarnated and revitalised for a new generation of performance-oriented drivers."

Low, lean and lithe, the pro_cee'd concept's rakish roofline, muscular proportions and compact footprint hint at its outright agility and the silhouette of the car is complemented by a series of distinctive design cues. A dynamic window frame follows the roofline to the rear tailgate, while the striking 'Sharkblade' in the bodywork - complete with GT logo - reinforces its lack of B-pillars. Lateral strakes exaggerate the pro_cee'd concept's slim waistline and lend an air of muscularity to the rear of the car. It runs on six-spoke aluminium alloy wheels that measure 20 inches in diameter.

Where daytime running lights have become a key element in a car's identity, the pro_cee'd concept uses light in other ways. The concept features a 'Luminline' - an illuminated outline of the car's glasshouse that greets drivers as they approach the car. This serves as a powerful nocturnal visual identifier for the pro_cee'd concept, highlighting its fastback shape.

The concept's dramatic roofline flows into a tailgate characterised by its stacked air vents, and the rippled surface of a rear light strip has been inspired by molten ferromagnetic metal.

Its stance and proportions may be new, but the pro_cee'd concept features many of Kia's now familiar design motifs. The iconic 'tiger nose' grille, the sculpted 'island' bonnet inspired by the Stinger, the castellated windscreen, the full-length roof glazing, and Kia's inimitable mix of curvaceous sheetmetal and taut creases; each element singles out the pro_cee'd concept as a truly modern Kia.

The concept is finished in bespoke 'Lava Red' paintwork. This has been created by combining multiple hand-applied layers of black, chrome-effect silver, and red-tinted lacquer for a glossy, lustrous paint finish.

Kia unveiled the pro_cee'd concept on 12 September on the Kia stand, located in Hall 9 of the Frankfurt Messe exhibition centre.

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