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COVID-19: General FAQs | April 2020

Following the closure of our dealerships until further notice, we've seen a high volume of enquiries from customers covering a range of topics. The majority of questions can be found on our FAQ page here, but for the more generic questions that require a bit more explanation we've put together a list below that we hope you find helpful.

Should I still be driving?

The short answer is no, not unless it is for essential travel. This includes food shopping, collecting medicines and travelling to and from work if you can't work from home. The Government advice is that we are permitted one form of activity per day (such as a run, walk or cycle) but this should be done without using your vehicle to drive to a location. Instead, choose a route from your front door and keep social interaction to a minimum.

Can I still get fuel?

Disposable gloves and self-service pumps will ensure you come into minimal contact with surfaces and other people when you need to re-fuel. EV drivers using public charging terminals will be familiar with paying with your phone. Try and choose quieter times to top up and only do so if you need to use your vehicle for essential journeys.

How do I maintain a car if I'm not using it?

If your car is on your driveway or is easily accessible, start your vehicle once per week and allow the vehicle to warm up for a couple of minutes before switching it off.  Do not leave your vehicle running for a long period of time unnecessarily.

This is an especially good idea if you have an older vehicle, which are more prone to issues if left untouched. There's no need to take it for a spin, but ensure you remain with the vehicle while the engine is on and that it is secured with the handbrake on.

Make sure the car stays clean and in good condition; be especially careful if you are parked under or near a tree as bird lime can seriously damage your paintwork. Be sure to clean this off as soon as you find it.

We have a useful article here that provides some more information.

My MOT/service is booked with you, is it still happening?

Unfortunately we are now closed until further notice unless you are a key worker, in which case we have only four aftersales sites open for urgent servicing - Poole, Portsmouth, Eastleigh (School Lane) and Horsham. The Government issued a six-month extension for MOTs that expired from March 30th, so you can come to us once we're back open at full capacity.

More information on servicing and warranty can be found in our FAQs.

How can I find out when my MOT or tax is due?

The Government have a useful tool on their website here where you can find out the date your MOT expires, and when your tax is up for renewal.

Remember, if your MOT expired from March 30th, you have a six-month extension. Your road tax will also have been extended.

I'm due a service with you but my Hendy dealership is closed, what do I do?

We are currently closed until further notice and have cancelled all service bookings. Most services will have an allocated grace period in which to get the work completed, so there's no need to contact us unless you are a key worker using the vehicle regularly for work and you have an urgent issue that needs attending to.

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to take on cosmetic service issues at this time. Please be aware that the grace period tends to only cover 1,000 miles outside of the service intervals, so if you are using the vehicle regularly and need to be seen for urgent work, contact us via our live chat or social media.

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