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GB Eng Hockey Player Alex Danson

Having been driving my Kia Soul for the last few months I felt I had to share all its best features. My team mates first impressions and certainly the thing I love about it the most is you feel like you are driving a mini 4x4, the higher drive and huge wheels not only look amazing, but make me feel super safe when I'm nipping around for training. I love the cruise control on the motor ways and the limiter comes in very handy for all the 50MPH speed limit zones, sometimes I have to remind myself I am still driving! Anyone that knows me would be able to tell you two things, I am a hopeless navigator and I am always cold! The Sat Nav is a dream and heated seats mean after a freezing cold training session within minutes I am toasty warm on my return home.

Kit! I have so much kit and on top of this I now seem to be a popular choice for designated driver to training! The boot is compact with plenty of room for our bags, kit and sticks and the back provides luxury travel for my passengers. There is so much room they have no trouble sitting back, and it must be comfortable as post training they are normally asleep within minutes. The last essential for any car has got to be the sound system, and wow this does not disappoint, whether its loud dance music or my preferred chilled sound tracks, the quality is incredible and makes the all round fantastic drive an even better way to travel.

Looking for a comfy, super trendy new set of wheels? I couldn't recommend the Kia Soul Maxx more highly.

Alex Danson

GB & Eng Hockey Player, Proudly sponsored by Hendy Group.


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