Hendy Group announce partnership with vlogger Petrol Ped | May 2021 | Latest News | Hendy

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Hendy Group announce partnership with vlogger Petrol Ped | May 2021

Hendy Group have announced a popular car vlogger as their newest brand ambassador.

Peter Greaves, who goes by the moniker Petrol Ped on YouTube, will work with Hendy to create video content featuring the latest and most exciting models from the motor group's range of 21 manufacturers.

Hendy have worked with Petrol Ped on several videos in the past but this new agreement means he will have longer to spend with vehicles in order to produce extensive reviews for his audience of more than 104,000 subscribers.

Hendy's Commercial Director Mark Busby said: "We have an excellent relationship already with Petrol Ped and his videos are always informative and entertaining.

"The opportunity to work with an influencer of his calibre will allow us to reach a huge audience of motor enthusiasts across the south coast and beyond as he gets behind the wheel of some of the most interesting models available at our dealerships, whether that's a sporty hatchback or an electric or hybrid vehicle."

Hendy will provide Petrol Ped with a new car every few months, starting with the All-New Kia Sorento Plug-in Hybrid which he collected on Saturday May 1st from Hendy Kia Portsmouth.

Speaking about the partnership, Petrol Ped said: "In the last year, I've done five videos with Hendy and together they've done 250,000 views together. I regularly get people who've used me as part of their purchasing process.

"For me access to cars is everything but I rarely get cars for more than a day or a weekend. I'm looking forward to the breadth of manufacturers and different types of vehicles that are a part of Hendy Group and spending time with them. I often get messages saying when we tune in, we never know what we're going to get."

He added that the cars he was most looking forward to trying include the New Kia EV6, the All-New Hyundai IONIQ 5 and that he's "hoping to get into a MOKE at some point over the summer".

The partnership will also see Petrol Ped create videos for new model launches at Hendy dealerships and take part at events throughout the year.

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