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Hendy Product Genius Programme

Manufacturers, such as Kia, have identified a shift in customers' habits with the increase in digital and mobile technologies and in some cases this can remove the personal aspect from the buying process. To enhance the customer experience when visiting the Hendy showrooms, we have developed an internal "Genius" programme which is now effective across our dealerships.

The Hendy Product Genius will work to bridge the gap between our websites and what is delivered in the showrooms, enhancing the customer experience within our dealerships, and in turn, increasing customer satisfaction. Working closely with the rest of the sales team, the Product Genius will offer customers expert knowledge on both products and the brand that they are investing in. The enthusiastic specialist will have a passion for new technologies and cars, and adopt a personal approach whilst advising the customer throughout each point of contact.

The Product Geniuses will become the ultimate Hendy franchise experts and will be responsible for matching the customer's requirements to the correct model.

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