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New MG Flagship Dealership

MG is opening a flagship dealership in the heart of London. The exclusive showroom, located in Piccadilly next to the Royal Academy of Arts, will be a centre of excellence for the 91-year-old brand situated in one of the most desirable retail locations in the world.

In many ways the showroom is a symbol of the brand's renaissance; as the fastest-growing marque in Britain, MG is rapidly expanding across the country. In the past 12 months, MG has opened 26 new dealerships and intends to build a further 30 to continue its growth. London is a key part of MG's plans for expansion, and the Piccadilly dealership is a prestigious platform for the brand in the UK's capital city. 

"This really is a fabulous central London location where the City of Westminster and the West End theatreland merge," said Matthew Cheyne, Head of Marketing. "It shows that MG is really back and is becoming a major force again in the British automotive industry. 

Investment in the flagship location totals nearly £30 million, as the building has been substantially refurbished to accommodate the showroom. The six floors above the dealership will house executive offices, and the site is just 400 metres from Piccadilly Circus itself.

"This address is, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after international locations and we can't wait to do business from there. If anyone had any doubts about MG's commitment to the future, this is a hugely positive statement that MG is back and here to stay."

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