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Renault UK Limited - Support For Blind Veterans Uk Employees - Terms And Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions upon which Renault UK Limited (Renault UK) is willing to provide the Support on vehicles as set out in this agreement.

  1. Variation

    1. Renault UK reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions,including withdrawing or suspending any Support.

  2. Calculation of support

    1. Support is calculated on the basic list price of the vehicle current at the time the order is accepted by the manufacturer, excluding any VAT, which may be applicable. You must ensure you check with your dealer that the manufacturer has accepted the order. Support will also apply to any factory fitted options subject to such options being currently available. Any Support on newly introduced models is subject to Renault UK's prior written agreement. Any Support provided by Renault UK is subject to vehicle availability. In respect of Renault's Electric Vehicle range, Renault UK's support is limited to the vehicle shell. The battery is the property of RCI Financial Services Ltd. and is excluded from this agreement.

  3. Methodology of support and direct support payment

    1. Support is usually provided direct to the dealer by Renault UK and made available to you or by means of discount on the purchase price of the vehicle. Where Support is to be paid directly to you, it will be paid to your nominated bank account following registration of the vehicle. Where Renault UK pays the Support directly to you, the Support will only be paid on registration of the vehicle.

      Restrictions on disposal

    1. Any Supported vehicles must be retained by the registered keeper: in the case of light commercial vehicles, for a period ending on the earlier of 5 months or 10,000 miles; and in the case of all other vehicles, for a period ending on the earlier of 4 months or 4,000 miles; and cannot be disposed of during this period without our prior written permission. Following the expiry of this period, any vehicles (excluding for this purpose any purchased by your members/employees) must be disposed of in the ordinary course of your business.

  4. Restrictions on use

    1. You must not act as or be a reseller of any of the vehicles to which support applies.

  5. Compliance/misuse of unique fleet support agreement number Upon our request you must:

    1. Provide us (including our agents) with access to and copies of any relevant documents and records,

    2. Provide us with a copy of the vehicle's current registration document,

    3. Make the vehicle available for inspection.

  6. Limitations on support

    1. Renault UK reserve the right to limit the number of vehicles in respect of which you may claim Support in any given period, irrespective of any maximum volume figures set out overleaf.

  7. Additional provisions where support is provided under an approved affinity/employee scheme where vehicles are being purchased as part of an approved affinity/ employee scheme the following additional terms shall apply:

    1. The vehicle must be used only in accordance with the scheme rules.

    2. You will be responsible for ensuring your members/employees comply with these terms and conditions insofar as they are applicable to them.

  8. Confidentiality

    1. These terms and conditions, including the level of Support, are confidential to Renault UK and must not be disclosed to any other party without our prior written consent except where requested by law.

  9. Relationship with standard terms and conditions of sale

    1. These terms and conditions, including the level of Support, are confidential to Renault UK and must not be disclosed to any other party without our prior written consent These terms and conditions are additional to and independent of the terms and conditions upon which you, your members or employees purchase the vehicle from an authorized Renault dealer and which are subject to Support.

  10. Finance company

    1. Where the purchase of the vehicle is to be financed by a finance company, the purchase will, for the purpose of these terms and conditions, be treated as having been made by you, your member or employee (as the case maybe).

  11. Repayment of support

    1. Any failure to comply with these terms and conditions could result in the suspension of any further support and/or Renault UK requiring you to immediately repay on demand any Support provided to date. This includes any unauthorised use by you, your employers or agents of any unique Fleet Support Agreement number provided to you for the purposes of obtaining Support.