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After sales more than doubled in 2015, it's no surprise that What Car? have awarded the "Best Electric Car under £20,000" to the Renault ZOE Dynamique Nav Rapid Charge hatchback; the third consecutive award for ZOE by What Car?

This all-electric 5-door family hatchback may be small, but it's got a lot to shout about.

Jim Holder, Editorial Director for What Car? explains how "The Renault ZOE was our favourite electric car for less than £20,000 a year ago, and tweaks to the specification and the added ability to go further have only increased its appeal. The ZOE's main strength is that it feels like a conventional, stylish, nippy small car that happens to cost pennies to run. The electric motor has enough shove for the ZOE to lead the charge away from traffic lights, and the cabin seats four in reasonable comfort. Even the boot is larger than you'll find in many regular small cars - easily big enough for a week's shopping."

In 2015, ZOE sales were up 102%, which outranked the UK electric vehicle market which was only up by 48% in 2014.One reason the ZOE is so popular and is the second best-selling electric car in the UK is that the battery can charge from zero to 80% full in about 30 minutes thanks to the patented Chameleon(?) Charger which allows it to make the most of the power supplies as well keeping charging times to a minimum. Meaning that not only are you not wasting your day waiting for the car to charge but when it's fully charged the car can drive for around 90 miles, or from Manchester to Birmingham for a bit of perspective.

Upon hearing the result, Ken Ramirez, Managing Director at Renault UK said "The ZOE proves that zero emissions in use vehicles can be stylish and practical with sales more than doubling in the UK last year, in an EV market up 48 per cent, as more and more motorists recognize ZOE, not only for its environmental credentials but for its ultra-low running costs, serene driving style and high standard of specification.We're thrilled that What Car? has recognised ZOE's talents for the third year in a row."

If you want a ZOE to be yours, there are two ways to purchase. One way is under the battery hire scheme with prices starting from £13,445 after the Government Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG) with battery leasing from £55 per month including a lifetime performance guarantee for the battery, and 24/7 roadside assistance even if you run out of charge. The other way is to buy the ZOE outright. Full purchase models start from £18,445 after the Government PiCG, which allows you as the driver full ownership of the car and battery, and with no monthly battery lease payment.

ZOE isn't the only electric vehicle Renault has to offer. Twizy Urban Roundabout and Kangoo Van Z.E are two others available in Renault's diverse electric vehicle range. And with the sale of these vehicles increasing every year, it's likely that we are going to see more and more electric cars on the road, or charging by the roadside.

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