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Renault Service Plan

Gain complete peace of mind with your new Renault - thanks to complimentary Roadside Assistance, you're covered!

The Renault 4+ package includes four years' Roadside Assistance* that's provided in partnership with the RAC. Renault Assistance is a vehicle-based membership, so it covers anyone driving your vehicle with your permission.

Call 0800 085 8005 for Renault Assistance

Before calling Renault Assistance, please make sure that you have the following details ready:

  • Registration number of your vehicle

  • Your name

  • Your address

  • A contact telephone number

  • Model and colour of your vehicle

  • Nature of breakdown

  • Your exact location

If you believe you are in a vulnerable or dangerous situation, please make this clear at the time of your call. After making your call, return to a safe place near your vehicle. If the problem resolves itself before assistance arrives, please call and let us know.

You'll be covered for the following during your 4 year Renault Assistance policy:

Level of Cover Description of Cover Years 1 to 3 Year 4
Roadside Rescue We'll fix your Renault at the roadside, or tow it to the nearest
Renault Authorised Repairer or destination of your choice.
Included Included
At Home If your Renault won't start, we'll attend if your car breaks down
at home. You can even book a time for us to come and fix your car.
Included Included
Recovery We will take you, up to 7 passengers and your car to your chosen
destination anywhere in mainland UK.
Included Included
Onward Travel We will provide a courtesy car, hotel accommodation or alternative
transport for you and up to 7 passengers.
Included Included
Wheel Change /
If you don't have a spare wheel and we can't make a repair, we'll install a
multi-fit wheel onto your vehicle (compatible on 90% of Renaults) or take
you to a Renault Approved Dealer or location of your choice within the territory.
Included Not Included

If you've been in an accident, call our 24-hour accident helpline on 01892 731487.

Being in an accident can be a terrifying experience and you may not know what to do first. However, you need to know that it is your right to choose where and how your vehicle is fixed. Insurance companies have previously wanted both parties to get their vehicles repaired at their body shop, however this isn't always the best decision.

If the accident you were involved in wasn't your fault, you need to contact Hendy Group Accident Assistant as your first port of call, where we will provide you with a detailed packaged of help and advice.

As the non-fault party, you are permitted to receive benefits. With Hendy Group Accident Assistance they will manage the claim for you, including speaking to the at-fault driver's insurance company. Whilst your vehicle is off the road, we will provide you with a like-for-like replacement vehicle until yours is ready to return to the road.

Who should I speak to first, you or my insurance company?

You should speak to us first. Most UK insurers want to repair your vehicle as cheaply as they can, so they will send you to a repair centre that suits their needs more than your own. These are referred to as their Nominated, Approved or Recommended repairer.

The body shops that the insurance companies suggest won't know you or your vehicle as well as we do at Hendy. They may not operate to the latest manufacturer repair standards as we do, or have the latest equipment or technical know-how.

It's your right to choose who repairs your vehicle and to make sure that they do the best job possible - at Hendy, that's what we aim for!

When calling Hendy Group Accident Aftercare, our dedicated team will do all that they can to decrease the impact the accident has on the rest of your day. We will also ensure that your vehicle repairs comply with manufacturer repair standards and only use genuine Renault parts.

Guaranteed Benefits Hendy Aftercare Most Insurers
Only use genuine Manufacturer parts and paint YES NO
Repaired at a bodyshop that operates to Manufacturer technical repair standards YES NO
Free courtesy car for all accidents when repaired by a Hendy Bodyshop YES NO
Protection for your vehicle's mechanical, body and anti-corrosion warranty YES NO
Safety standards preserved by fitting only genuine Manufacturer Parts YES NO
5 year repair guarantee YES NO
Free nationwide recovery to a Hendy bodyshop YES NO
Residual value and resale appeal preserved by fitting only genuine Manufacturer parts YES NO
Keep your vehicle 100% original. Always... YES NO