NEW SUZUKI S-CROSS LAUNCH | Latest News | Hendy Suzuki

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At Hendy Suzuki in Tunbridge Wells, we are hosting a launch event to remember in the very near future - and we're delighted to announce that you are invited. On Friday 28th and Saturday 29th October, we'll be showcasing the New Suzuki S-Cross for you to see, touch and try out.

Our dealership team is incredibly excited about the launch of this classy and capable crossover vehicle, and we can't wait to share it with you. The stylish, efficient and well-appointed S-Cross comes adorned with a wide variety of comfort and safety features, a versatile cabin, generous equipment levels and a sharp drive.

The launch event is your chance to explore the S-Cross, get up close and personal and 'define your destination' as you take your test drive - simply set the sat-nav to your preferred point of interest and get going.

You'll soon discover that the S-Cross delivers on every level as a crossover vehicle should do - it's rugged and tough, yet nimble and dynamic, well-suited to rough terrain, motorways and smooth city streets. Better yet, it's keenly priced and affordable to run.

Don't compromise with a crossover - explore and enjoy every aspect of the outstanding Suzuki S-Cross at Hendy's tempting two-day taster.

What are you waiting for? Experience the S-Cross for yourself and define your destination with Hendy - a different kind of test drive awaits.

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