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Go Hybrid with Toyota

Toyota has been revolutionising the hybrid market for over 20 years - since the release of the Prius in 1997, the Japanese marque has sold more than 11 million hybrid electric vehicles around the world. And now, Toyota is taking hybrid performance to another level with almost 10 hybrid models in circulation, and plans for half of its global sales to be electrified vehicles by 2025.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of hybrid driving, the different types of electric/hybrid powertrains, and the hybrid Toyota models that are available. If you're looking to go green and want to find out more about the Toyota models on offer, contact your local Hendy today! With Toyota dealerships in Bournemouth, Salisbury and Christchurch, our teams are ready and waiting to help you make the switch in style!

Why switch to hybrid?


Hybrid vehicles are an attractive proposition for individuals and businesses alike. First and foremost, they churn out much cleaner air, thanks to the ability to travel short distances on all-electric mode - in fact, over the last two decades, Toyota says it has saved more than 120 million tonnes of CO2 worldwide with its hybrid models.

But that's not all! Hybrid vehicles also offer significant savings on fuel costs. The marque claims that, on average, up to 54% of the journey time during a test drive is completed in electric mode, meaning you won't use any petrol during this time. Not only that, but because the majority of Toyota hybrids are self-charging, you never have to plug the car in, saving you money on electricity. Last, but certainly not least, you can enjoy all of the above benefits of hybrid technology without sacrificing on driving quality or performance - hybrids and EVs are extremely fun to drive, producing maximum torque at any rpm.

What are the different types of electric cars?


The term 'electric' can refer to a number of types of electrified powertrains: hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), all-electric/battery electric (EV/BEV) vehicles and even hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Read below to find out more about each type: 

HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle)

Models: All-New Yaris, Corolla, C-HR, Prius, Camry and RAV4

Full hybrids or (self-charging hybrids) are a "halfway house" between a traditional petrol car and a pure electric car (see below). They comprise a fuel tank and a battery, and switch seamlessly between power sources - in Toyota HEVs, 54% of the journey time could be completed in electric mode, saving you money on fuel and producing zero emissions. The self-charging system means you can drive like you always have, with no need to plug the vehicle in.

PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle)

Models: Prius Plug-In

Like full hybrids, plug-in hybrid models use a combination of petrol and electric - but the battery is much larger than in a self-charging version. With a PHEV, you can enjoy miles of all-electric driving while still having a petrol engine ready and waiting for longer-distance escapades. It can be recharged at home or at a public charging point, and then you simply unplug...and play!

EV or BEV (Electric Vehicle / Battery Electric Vehicle)

All-electric vehicles are powered solely by electricity, which is stored in a battery that 'fuels' a powerful electric motor - this can be charged via a home charge-point or a public charger. They produce zero emissions so are perfect for city commutes, but they tend to have a smaller range than hybrid models.

Fuel cell

Models: Toyota Mirai (coming soon)

Fuel-cell vehicles are powered on electric energy produced in a fuel cell stack from hydrogen gas, which is stored on board and converted to electricity. They are very quick to power up - for example, the upcoming 2020 Toyota Mirai takes only five minutes to refuel!

What is the range of a Hybrid?

Are Hybrids OK for motorway driving?

What is a Hybrid?

Are Hybrids fun to drive?

What's the difference between Toyota Hybrids and other hybrids?


Toyota Hybrid models


All-New Yaris




Turn an ordinary trip into a journey filled with energy and excitement with this nimble hatchback. The characterful All-New Yaris has been given a self-charging hybrid powertrain, making it perfectly suited to low-emission driving in stop/start traffic.


Stylish, efficient and a joy to drive, the new Corolla is an icon for the modern age. Choose from two self-charging hybrid engines, and enjoy a rewarding, spirited drive. And don't just take our word for it - the Corolla Hybrid has been named the What Car? Best Hybrid of the Year 2020!


The C-HR self-charging hybrid combines the agility of a dynamic hatchback with the confidence of an SUV. This urban SUV stands out with its angular dynamic design, and comes equipped with two highly capable hybrid engine options offering next-level performance.


Prius Plug-In



The Toyota Prius has been defining hybrid for over two decades. The first mainstream hybrid, the latest generation of the Prius combines intelligent design and technology to deliver dynamic performance and excellent handling, making this a car that is as fun to drive as it is efficient.


The Prius Plug-in Hybrid combines the strengths of advanced hybrid technology with the benefits of extended EV driving. Turn heads with its sleek aerodynamic forms and take your rightful place behind the wheel to discover a spacious cabin and state-of-the-art technologies. And, once you're finished exploring, simply plug it in - ready for action the next day!


With impressive power and torque, the Camry Hybrid takes electrified performance to another level while maintaining the comfort and space you expect from a Camry. It takes the sophisticated elegance of a quality sedan and adds all the benefits of a Toyota self-charging hybrid. Are you ready to take the wheel?



Refined and individual, the RAV4 range fuses true SUV character with city-slick style and technology. A unique combination of high torque and low emissions makes the RAV4 the 'go anywhere' vehicle, perfectly suited to all terrains. And, with a top Euro NCAP five-star rating and Toyota Safety Sense as standard, there's no compromising your safety as you get out there and explore.


Join the hybrid revolution!

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