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Give your business a step up with the New Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid

Put smart sustainability at the heart of your business with the New Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid van. Ford is committed to an electric future in Europe, with 13 vehicles to make up their hybrid family by 2020 - and at Hendy we are proud to stock the very latest hybrid releases from the marque.

The new Transit Custom PHEV will not only help to reduce local pollution, but deliver all the flexibility, capability and dependability you expect from a Ford vehicle - a breath of fresh air in the truest sense! Get in contact with your local Hendy Ford Transit Centre today to get behind the wheel and to discuss your options for going electric.


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With a tagline of 'Work smarter', the electrifying new Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid is purpose-built to help you work more efficiently than ever. It's not only better for the environment and your business costs, but it's also a reliable workhorse that's easy to drive.

A Plug-in Hybrid or PHEV uses more than one means of propulsion, i.e. a petrol engine and electric motor/battery, which work in tandem to power the van. In order to charge the batteries, the vehicle can be plugged into mains electricity.

The electric motor can either support or substitute the petrol engine on short journeys, with the aim of increasing efficiency. The Transit Custom PHEV is therefore perfect for the city - allowing you to complete short trips of up to 35 miles on electric power alone. Hybrids are not only better for the environment, but can be cheaper to 'fuel' and maintain, as there is likely to be less 'wear and tear' on the engine over time. Not only that - on longer journeys in the Transit Custom PHEV, the multi-award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine offers an impressive 126PS and 355 Nm of torque, and helps to extend the van's range to over 310 miles.

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The new Transit Custom PHEV offers a versatile 1,000kg, 6m3 loadspace, from wheel arch to wheel arch, up to the generous height. As a result, it can easily carry standard 8' x 4' boards or three euro pallets and, thanks to its unique load-through storage area, items up to 3m long. In the cabin, you can also take advantage of the 8-way adjustable driver seat with arm rests and dual front passenger seat with under-seat stowage, as standard.



The new Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid is compact enough to easily navigate narrow city streets, but it's also exceptionally roomy on the inside. It boasts the widest side load door-opening of any vehicle of its type, making it extremely easy to load. Also on the exterior, you can find the latest features, including 15- or 16-inch alloy wheels, remote central door locking with deadlocks and, on the 'Trend' trim and above, LED daytime running lights, static cornering fog lights and power-foldable heated door mirrors.


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It's not just the Transit Custom van that offers a futuristic powertrain - the Transit van itself now offers a diesel-electronic mild hybrid (mHEV) hybrid system, in addition to the Plug-In Hybrid.

In the Transit mHEV, a small battery-driven electric motor supports the conventional engine to reduce fuel consumption when demand for power is low. It is therefore a brilliant option for companies that complete a lot of shorter journeys. At low speed, or when stationary, the engine can switch itself off and the 48V starter-generator seamlessly restarts when needed. Unlike the Plug-In Hybrid, in the Mild Hybrid Transit the battery is recharged solely by regenerative braking.

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The government is now offering a Plug-In Car grant on certain low-emissions vehicles, meaning you could receive a discount of up to £8,000 off the purchase price of your electric Van. Not only that, you can get money off installation charges if you opt for an at-home charging station. You don't need to anything, simply pop into your nearest Hendy Ford Transit Centre and we can discuss including the value of the grant in the vehicle's purchase price.

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