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Don't get caught in the cold this winter

Book your winter health check for only £29.99

At Hendy, our Servicing teams are here to look after you and your vehicle this winter.

Whether you're travelling on holiday, doing the school run or driving to work, we're dedicated to keeping you moving safely. That's why we're offering a Winter Health Check for just £29.99 to give you complete peace of mind when behind the wheel!

During this thorough assessment, we'll check the parts of your car most affected by winter conditions:

• Battery
• Antifreeze and fluid levels
• All lights
• Wiper blades
• Windscreen.

Looking after you and your car

Batteries are especially vulnerable to winter conditions due to the increased use of your heater and lights - we'll give it a full check to ensure that it's able to cope throughout the season. You'll also need a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water to safeguard your engine as temperatures drop.

By offering this comprehensive health check, we can make sure your vehicle is fully prepared for the challenges posed by the colder weather.

Book your Winter Health Check

Our Winter Health Check is not only designed to keep you safe, but might also spare you the inconvenience (and cost) of a breakdown during this uncertain time. What's more - you'll also beat the rush in December when more cars return to the roads.

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