Jaguar F-PACE SVR Edition 1988

A nameplate synonymous with modern luxury and performance, the Jaguar F-PACE is now paying homage to the racing prowess of 1988’s XJR-9. The result? The F-PACE SVR Edition 1988.

This special-edition SUV has been created by the SV Bespoke team at Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations in the UK. Just 394 are available worldwide – and two of them are right here at Hendy in Southampton!

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Distinctive and dramatic.
The ultimate in self-expression.
Exquisite detailing.
A masterclass in exclusivity.
A legend, reborn.

Defying convention

Wearing its racing heritage as a badge of honour, the F-PACE SVR Edition 1988 is here to stir the soul in the way the World Sports-Prototype Championship-winning XJR-9 did in 1988.

Offering breathtaking modern luxury and raw Jaguar power, this collector’s edition redefines the art of the possible. The first limited edition of Jaguar’s pinnacle high-performance SUV, it’s available with a ‘One of 394’ commissioning graphic.

Beyond its blisteringly quick 5.0 litre, 550PS V8 Supercharged engine, F-PACE SVR Edition 1988 integrates a wealth of sophisticated and enriching features, including heated and cooled SVR Performance Seats in Semi-Aniline leather, a sliding panoramic roof, head-up display and the latest connectivity technologies.

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