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MG 100 Years Young

The iconic MG, has been thrilling drivers for an astonishing 100 years! With a rich history that includes iconic models like the MGA, MGB, and MGF, as well as a modern line-up of cars that blend classic style with modern technology, MG has established itself as a true giant of the automotive world. As the brand celebrates its centennial anniversary, we take a look back at the milestones and memorable moments that have shaped its remarkable journey.

Racing Origins

MG is first established as Morris Garages by British motoring pioneer William Morris in 1924. However, behind the scenes Cecil Kimber, who was a General Manager of the Morris Motor Company brought fast feeling cars with a sporty look to the brand. Kimber was instrumental in establishing the MG brand, which initially focused on producing high-performance versions of Morris cars. The first MG model was the MG6, which was introduced in 1924 and was essentially a modified Morris Cowley with a more powerful engine.

In 1933, a supercharged K3 Magnette won its class at the Mille Miglia, making MG the first non-Italian marque to win a team prize. This was a significant milestone for the brand, demonstrating its capability and competitiveness against the best Italian manufacturers.

Post War Rise

After the war, MG Motors faced severe production shortages, material shortages, and a lack of skilled workers. The company's facilities were damaged, and many of its resources were diverted to support the war effort. In 1945, MG's parent company, Morris Motors, was nationalized by the British government, and MG became a part of the newly formed British Motor Corporation (BMC).

With thousands of American soldiers stationed in the UK during World War II, any of these servicemen developed a fondness for the MG T-Type sports cars. When they returned to the United States, they brought their love for MGs with them, sparking a wave of enthusiasm and becoming MG's most important export market.


Ken Miles who was know as "Mr.MG" was a British racing driver and engineer who played a significant role in the development of MG cars during the 1950s and 1960s.

The quintessential British underdog, Ken Miles, proved to be a formidable force on the California racing scene with his MG model, affectionately known as "The Flying Shingle". Miles' partnership with his MG resulted in a string of victories against more exotic and established rivals, showcasing his exceptional driving skills and the car's impressive performance. The crowning achievement of their partnership came in 1955 claiming the Palm Springs Road Race, success in the USA brought a new challenge with the MG team entering the 1955 Le Mans.

Growth Through the next 40 years

Racers, rockers and rebels were a big hit throughout the 1960/70s giving a lot of sway in what people wanted on their driveways. The stylish MGA featured in "Blue Hawaii," alongside Elvis Presley in 1961, he liked the car so much he kept it at his Graceland residence in Memphis, Tennessee.

Throughout the sixties and beyond, pop culture icons from music, sport and film all began owning MGs. From George Best to King Charles, and Bill Wyman to James Dean, the MGA fast become a cult modern classic.

The MGF, launch was a highly anticipated and innovative sports car that marked the first all-new MG model since 1962. excitement surrounding its release was immense, thanks to its mid-engine design and gas suspension technology. The MGF quickly gained popularity globally, becoming a top-selling model for the brand. However, despite its success, the MGF never made it to the US market, as Rover Group's new owner, BMW, was hesitant to compete with its own Z-series sports cars.

Reborn in Modern Day

MG takes a significant step towards becoming a truly global car brand, positioning itself as a pioneer in the electric vehicle revolution. The company's first fully-electric hatchback, the MG4 EV, receives widespread acclaim and accolades, solidifying its reputation as a player in the EV market.

Meanwhile, MG's sporty lineup has undergone a modernization, taking a bold step forward with the introduction of the Cyberster, a revolutionary electric sports car. As the first of its kind, the Cyberster represents a full circle back to MG's sporting roots, blending its heritage with cutting-edge technology.

The Cyberster is a testament to MG's commitment to innovation and sustainability, showcasing the brand's ability to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. With its sleek design and impressive performance capabilities, the Cyberster is set to electrify the sports car market and cement MG's position as a leader in the electric revolution.