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What is a Service Plan?

At Hendy MG with a Service Plan you know your MG is in great hands as your car is only serviced by MG trained technicians using MG genuine parts.

By taking out a Service Plan it allows you to spread the cost of servicing over a number of years, by paying an agreed monthly price. You can also pay for a Service Plan in full, should you wish to do so.

What are the benefits?

  • Convenience of fixed, small, manageable monthly payments

  • Inflation proof servicing for the duration of the plan - pay for tomorrow's maintenance at today's prices

  • Removes large bills - The cost of the package eliminates maintenance budgeting worries

  • The work is always performed by certified technicians

  • Follows manufacturers servicing schedule

  • Timely service reminders can be sent via e-mail or text to handheld devices*

  • Only factory-authorised parts and fluids are used

  • No cancellation, or plan transfer, fees.

What are my options?

At Hendy MG, the standard service plan includes the standard schedule service regime. This is set at 15,000 miles/ 12 months. You can choose to opt for the peace of mind maintenance to cover for up to 5 years/ 75,000 miles.

The new Low Mileage Service Plan is an additional option for any new car registered from January 2021, or vehicles less than a year old under 10,000 miles before the first scheduled service . The plan is aimed at customers who annually complete less than 10,000 miles, and so there is a cap at 10,000 miles per year under this plan. This reduces the need to replace some components, which may not have deteriorated with mileage and can go to their anticipated age tollerance, and therefore makes the plan much more cost effective.

What is included?

The cost covers the scheduled MG Motor servicing, covering parts and labour. It excludes anything not listed in the servicing schedule, which will be an additional cost.

How do I take out a Service Plan?

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