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We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with artist LP Edits, giving you the opportunity to purchase a one-off version of the iconic MOKE.

The experimental UK artist hit national headlines earlier this year, with his stunning mural that paid tribute to the staff at Exeter's Nightingale Hospital. He uses mixed media to create his stunning pieces, and has many high-profile clients who collect his artwork – and at Hendy, we’re delighted to have him on board.

View the gallery photos to see LP Edits’ artistic twist on the
MOKE, named the LP EDITS X MOKE. It’s based on a black MOKE56 auto stick-shift, which was handpicked from production to then be used in this project.

As you can see, he has paid homage to the brand’s 1960s British roots – the main artwork resembles the union jack and the wording ‘nineteen 64’ is on the bonnet, representing the date the first MOKE was produced. LP Edits is also created the MOKE lettering and a visual on the back. Last but not least, a darkened front grille focus the eyes on the amazing artwork.

This bespoke model is for sale, but there will only be one. This is therefore an exciting opportunity that’s not to be missed! Contact us for more information...

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