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Not just a car
It's a lifestyle!

From surfer accessory to beach-house buggy, MOKE Hendy vehicles are more than just a car - they're a way of life.

Since its arrival on the motoring scene in the Swinging Sixties, MOKE has captured the imaginations of fun-seekers across the globe - Brigitte Bardot, The Beatles, James Bond and DJ Khalid are just a handful of drivers who have been captivated by MOKE's personality and unique styling. The marque is synonymous with feelings of freedom, and is once again becoming the must-have accessory across the world's sunniest destinations.

Today's MOKE models remain true to the look and feel of the original - with, of course, some modern updates, including a new engine, uprated suspension, increased cabin space and a heated windscreen. Discover more about the MOKE Hendy way of life below!


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