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The Electric MOKE showcases at Ascot

The Electric MOKE showcases at Ascot
1 min read Published 1 May 23

The Electric MOKE has been out and about wowing potential customers with a test drive event in Ascot proving a huge success with invited guests.

With summer just around the corner Harry Pearson, head of Hendy Performance which handles UK sales of the MOKE, said it was the perfect time to start a series of test drive events to showcase Electric MOKE to a wider audience.

“2023 is gearing up to be a busy year for us with the Electric MOKE appearing at a number of motoring events,” said Harry. “Our test drive event in Ascot provided the added opportunity for people to get behind the wheel of the car and really appreciate its features.”

He said the car has been designed to inspire and delight a new generation of motorists and feedback at the test drive event reinforced this mission.

“People came back with huge smiles on the faces,” said Harry. “The Electric MOKE is such a fun car to drive and our guests on the day also really love the great environmental credentials of the car.”