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If it's a brand-new Renault that you've got your eye on, the following finance options are offered right here at Hendy Renault:

Renault Selections Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

When buying a new car here at Hendy Renault, our customers are given a number of flexible finance options to choose from - and one effective method of payment is Renault Selections, which is a Personal Contract Purchase.

Allowing for smaller monthly payments than a Hire Purchase agreement, PCP helps with easy budgeting. And it's all thanks to PCP being related to the depreciation value of the vehicle rather than the full value of the car!

Step 1 - tell Hendy Renault how much deposit you would like to pay.

Step 2 - we'll calculate your monthly payment based on your chosen maximum annual mileage.

Step 3 - we'll calculate your Optional Final Payment, a figure that will suit your driving requirements.

As a simple and effective way to purchase a new car on a regular basis in an affordable manner, along with the option to settle your agreement early if desired, PCP is a flexible option too. The duration of a PCP agreement is between 18 and 48 months, with the favourite choice being 36 months.

Features and Benefits:

  • • Negotiable deposit

  • • Fixed monthly payments

  • • Option to change your car every 2 to 3 years

  • • Upgrade to a better specification

  • • Add accessories to personalise your car

  • • Guaranteed future value (optional final payment) at the end of the agreement, giving you added security.

At the end of the agreement, you will get three choices when your Renault Selections agreement comes to an end:

  1. • Drive away a new Renault! If the vehicle is worth more than the Optional Final Payment amount, you can choose to put the difference towards the deposit on a new Renault

  2. • Return your Renault to Hendy - simply return your Renault in good condition and as long as you have met the agreement conditions, you'll pay nothing!

  3. • Keep your Renault - all you have to do is pay the Optional Final Payment and the Renault will be yours.

Hire Purchase (HP)

Hire Purchase is available at Hendy Renault as part of our comprehensive and flexible finance packages - Hire Purchase breaks down the payments into convenient monthly instalments, allowing you to budget effectively each month.

Step 1 - tell us how much you'd like to put down as your deposit.

Step 2 - we'll work out your monthly payment based on the remaining amount to be financed on your Renault.

You'll benefit from fixed interest rates on these monthly payments, so you won't be hit with any unexpected costs. By working out a contract with you at the beginning of the process, you'll know what your financial costs will be for the duration of the agreement, following an agreed-upon initial deposit.

At Hendy Renault, we also give you flexibility on the duration of the Hire Purchase contract - this is usually between one and five years - and then after you have made your final payment with us, the car is yours to own!

Features and Benefits:

  • • Flexible initial payment

  • • Flexible payment terms (1 to 4 years)

  • • Fixed repayments

  • • Fixed interest rate

  • • No mileage restrictions

  • • Fixed repayments not subject to VAT.

At the end of your agreement, you simply pay the Option to Purchase Fee and ownership of the Renault is transferred to you.

Hendy Group are a credit broker not a lender. We can introduce you to lenders and their products which may have different interest rates and charges. We are not an independent financial advisor and you are not obliged to take our advice. We do not charge you a fee for our services. We typically receive commission from the lender (either a fixed fee or a percentage of the amount you borrow) but this does not affect the amount you pay. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Reference Number 311625.

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