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Order books open for facelifted Renault Clio E-Tech

Order books open for facelifted Renault Clio E-Tech
3 min read Published 23 May 23

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Order books are open now for the Clio E-Tech, with the first demonstrator and display vehicles of the facelifted model due in September.

This latest facelift marks a comprehensive makeover for the car which has proved a huge hit since it was first launched in 1990. Since then, more than 16 million Clios have been sold worldwide, more than one million in the UK alone.

New for this model is the full hybrid engine and a new sporty esprit Alpine trim level together with a new design inside and out.

It will have a 143bhp E-Tech powertrain, which combines a 1.6-litre engine with two electric motors, introduced ahead of Renault’s plans to become an electric-only brand from 2030.

New Clio E-Tech full hybrid’s front end has been completely redesigned. Its sculpted, tauter and groovier contour have been included to add a modern vibe and verve. The enlarged chequered grille adds strength and a sporty feel. The colour scale – darker near the logo, lighter towards the edges – gives it depth and a technical edge. 

The new model will be available in seven colours glacier white, diamond black, shadow grey, iron blue, flame red, valencia orange and ceramic grey. 

Enhancing the car’s silhouette, the distinctive wheels are up to 17 inches in diameter. They all have the new Renault logo, in brushed aluminium, at the centre.  

The 145 hp E-Tech full hybrid, which the UK has chosen as its one and only powertrain of choice, is at the cutting edge of hybrid technology. It puts the pleasure of electric driving in cities within everyone’s reach and at the same time lowers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

An eco-driving assistant for all the powertrain options also advises the driver on the best ways to save fuel and thus reduce exhaust CO2 emissions.

Renault started building E-Tech full hybrid technology into its cars – including Clio – in 2020. This E-Tech full hybrid technology is packed with more than 150 patents as well as expertise that Renault has amassed on Formula 1 tracks – especially energy recovery and regeneration. It makes New Clio more dynamic and at the same time more efficient.

The IC engine’s transmission has four gear ratios and the main electric motor has two. The E-Tech full hybrid powertrain can combine input for the IC engine and electric motor in up to 14 different ways to optimise energy efficiency.

The car is invariably powered by the electric motor when it starts and can use the electric motor up to 80% of the time in cities – cutting consumption by up to 40% compared to a conventional petrol engine. New Clio E-Tech full hybrid’s battery capacity in urban areas is the highest in the hybrid city car segment. Thanks to its efficient powertrain, CO2 emissions are limited, starting at 93 g/km, which is outstanding in the category. That is in addition to the silence you enjoy in electric cars and the fact that you don’t have to stop to charge the battery.