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Renault unveil new Koleos at 2016 Exhibition

Renault unveil new Koleos at 2016 Exhibition
2 min read Published 5 Dec 21

Renault will debut the new Koleos at the 2016 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition this week.

With the market for SUVs currently going strong the Koleos is what you would expect of a D-segment SUV - it's powerful, has unparalleled four-wheel drive technology and has the ability to cover all-terrain. The Koleos also reiterates what Renault are about with refined, comfortable interior with seats including technology and design amongst the very best in the category.

Koleos delivers a combination of robust SUV cues as well as the features you would normally associate with large saloon cars. Now the introduction of the Koleos car completes Renault's high-end range which now includes a crossover (Espace), a large saloon car (Talisman) and its estate variant (Talisman Estate), plus an SUV (new Koleos).

The Koleos is designed for a worldwide audience with sales beginning in the third quarter of 2016 in Australia, Turkey, the Gulf states and some Latin American countries, followed by China in the last quarter, the Russia and Europe in the first quarter of 2017.