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Why not add a little bit more excitement to your commute? At Hendy Abarth, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best deals to suit your needs, and our team of specialists is here to help, whether you’re a company car driver searching for your new vehicle or a fleet manager looking for a large-scale lease.

The perfect companions for dodging in and out of city traffic, the 595 and 695 rule the urban landscape, turning heads wherever they go. What’s more, the 500e ushers in the electric era in style. Choose from stylish yet understated chassis colours like Campovolo Grey or Scorpione Black – or, if you want your fleet to stand out, opt for the bold Adrenaline Green or Cordolo Red.

We have an outstanding range of Abarth business offers to ensure you are making the most of your vehicle to meet your commercial needs. Get in touch with our business experts to discuss any of these great offers in more detail.

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