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Alpine Looks ahead to busy 2024

Alpine Looks ahead to busy 2024
3 min read Published 14 Dec 23

Alpine is revamping its A110 range by adding more standard equipment to the A110, A110
GT and A110 S versions to offer more features and value to each model.

Alpine is also adding the A110 R Turini, a new version of the A110 R, to its 2024 catalogue.
Fitted with 18-inch GT Race wheels, the A110 R Turini is ideally suited to the open road and
evokes the celebrated Col de Turini in the southern French Alps and the Monte Carlo Rally.

"Given the success of the A110 R since its launch in October 2022 and the order book filled
until the end of 2024, Alpine is launching the A110 R Turini, a new version fitted with GT
Race wheels for greater versatility. As a complement to the A110 R in the 2024 catalogue,
the Turini version will enable us to deliver our A110 R to customers more quickly,"
explains Antonino Labate, Alpine VP sales, marketing and customer experience.

Alpine A110: the original
The combination of its Alpine chassis and 252 bhp engine delivers a driving experience
reminiscent of the Berlinette. Light, precise and lively, the A110 is agile and dynamic in all

18-inch Serac wheels and 320 mm ventilated discs for enhanced, high-performance braking
are now standard on the A110, as are electronically retractable exterior mirrors
(standardised across the range). The interior also now features a sports pedal unit with an
aluminium footrest.

Alpine A110 GT: the sporty Grand Touring coupé
Its 300 bhp engine, coupled with the Alpine chassis, is the ideal combination of performance
and comfort. With its rare versatility and elegance, the A110 GT is a sports car for everyday
driving and long-distance journeys.

The A110 GT expresses its sportiness with 18-inch diamond-cut Grand Prix wheels in black
as standard and chromed side monograms of the arrowed "A". As for onboard comfort, it
comes with the Focal® Premium audio system, an electrochromic anti-reflective rear-view
mirror and heated seats as standard. The aluminium pedals and footrests provide more grip
and reduce weight.

Alpine A110 S: power designed for performance
Its Sport chassis fully exploits the potential of its 300 bhp engine. A sports car to the core,
the S model can be had with semi-slick tyres and an optional specific aerodynamic kit,
designed to satisfy drivers looking for a more sophisticated driving experience, particularly
on the racetrack. Fiercely efficient, the A110 S is a powerhouse of emotions.

The A110 S now features forged 18-inch Fuchs wheels, black boomerang headlamps and an
electrochromic anti-reflective interior mirror.

Alpine A110 R Turini: the 'R' for on-road driving
The A110 range expands with a new version, the A110 R Turini, derived from the A110 R
and equipped with 18-inch GT Race Matte Black aluminium wheels to offer greater versatility
on the road

It retains the DNA of the A110 R, with its sharp chassis and 300 bhp engine, producing 340
Nm of torque. The A110 R is the most radical of the A110s, lower, faster and more dynamic.
It offers a top speed north of 174 mph on the circuit. The A110 R incorporates carbon, a
material used in Formula 1 racing, for its lightness for the front blade, bonnet, side skirts,
rear wing, diffuser, and engine cover.