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Looking after you and your new Ford

When you buy a new Ford car, you'll have the option to take care of your servicing costs with a Ford Protect Service Plan.

We want to make owning a Ford as easy and convenient as possible - which is why we offer you ways to budget for the cost of servicing your vehicle. With a one-off payment, you can cover the cost of your recommended scheduled services for up to three years from the day your new Ford is delivered. Not only does it work out cheaper than paying for individual services, but a full Ford Service History may enhance your car's resale value.

The plan has the added benefit of covering you in case we're unable to finish any warranty work within 24 hours. If this happens, we'll lend you a courtesy car- for up to seven days - to ensure you're not stranded (subject to availability and status, excluding fuel and insurance costs).

The features and benefits of Ford Protect new vehicle servicing plans

We want you to get the most out of owning your Ford. Ford Protect Plans are designed to help you do just that.

Scheduled servicing

Ford Protect covers the cost of scheduled servicing recommended by Ford, for the number of services applicable to your plan (up to three years from the date when the vehicle was first sold as new)

It's an effective way to benefit from fixed cost, inflation-proof servicing

A full Ford Service History may enhance your vehicle's resale value and make it easier to sell on

Please note, as Ford Protect Plans include servicing, they must be purchased before the first standard service is due (as detailed in the Ford Service Portfolio and Ford Service History Log - ask your Ford Dealer for full details).

Vehicle hire

If a Ford Authorised Repairer cannot complete any warranty work within twenty four hours, and your vehicle is not usable, your Ford Protect Plan will keep you on the road. You will be entitled to a comparable hire vehicle free of charge (subject to availability and status, excluding fuel and insurance costs) for up to seven days.


The Ford Protect Premium Plan offers you excellent value. And because you make a single payment up-front, you protect your servicing costs against inflation.

Choosing the Ford Protect Plan means you benefit from further peace of mind at a highly competitive price. The Plan includes scheduled servicing, extended Ford Assistance and vehicle hire. Additionally, the scheduled servicing now includes replacement brake fluid, bodywork and paint check and air conditioning check where applicable. You'll find the Premium Plan represents excellent value for money.