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Honda Pre-Registered Offers

Model Colour Reg Location Sale Price List Price Saving
CRV Advance Tech Crystal Black HN24FJU Exeter £43,000 £53,995 £10,995
Civic Advance Crystal Blue HN24KPX Exeter £35,250 £40,780 £5,530
CR-V Advance Platinum White HN24MYC Exeter £41,500 £49,705 £8,205
HR-V Advance Crystal Red HN240BU Exeter £29,500 £34,135 £4,635
HR-V Advance Style Meteorid Grey HN24TXU Exeter £32,000 £36,955 £4,955
Civic Advance Crystal Blue HN24KOJ Portsmouth £35,250 £40,780 £5,530
CR-V Advance Diamond Dusk HN24NXF Portsmouth £41,500 £50,025 £8,525
HR-V Advance Sunlight White HN24NKJ Portsmouth £29,500 £34,135 £4,635
HR-V Advance Style Sunlight White HN24UDG Portsmouth £32,000 £37,280 £5,280
HR-V Advance Crystal Red HN24KOH Tonbridge £29,500 £34,135 £4,635
HR-V Advance Crystal Red HN24FJK Tonbridge £29,500 £34,135 £4,635
HR-V Advance Style Crystal Black HN24THK Tonbridge £32,000 £36,955 £4,955
HR-V Advance Crystal Red HN24KOA Eastleigh £29,500 £34,135 £4,635
CRV Advance Tech Platinum White HN24FKG Eastleigh £43,000 £54,670 £11,670
Civic Advance Crystal Blue HN24MWL Eastleigh £35,250 £40,780 £5,530
CR-V Advance Crystal Black HN24NWM Eastleigh £41,500 £49,030 £7,530
HR-V Advance Crystal Red HN24PBF Eastleigh £29,500 £34,135 £4,635

What is a pre-reg car?

When we talk about pre-reg or pre-registered cars, we're referring to vehicles that have been previously registered with the DVLA by the dealership, in our case, Hendy Honda. Unlike traditional purchases where a vehicle is registered to an individual owner, pre-registered cars are registered in the dealership's name.

Advantages of buying a pre-registered car

Considerable savings: One of the key benefits of opting for a pre-registered car is the significant cost savings. These vehicles are often sold at a discounted price compared to their list price, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. At Hendy Honda, we are proud to pass on these savings to our customers, offering competitive prices on our pre-registered Honda vehicles.

Immediate delivery

Unlike ordering a brand-new car and waiting for it to be manufactured and delivered, pre-registered cars are readily available for immediate delivery. While lead times might be a concern with certain models depending on specifications, our inventory of pre-registered Hondas ensures that you can drive away with your new vehicle without delay.

Very low mileage

Another advantage of pre-registered cars is their exceptionally low mileage. Since these vehicles are not typically used as demonstrators or by customers, they often have minimal mileage on the clock. This translates to less wear and tear, providing buyers with the peace of mind that they are purchasing a nearly new car in pristine condition.

Why choose a Honda pre-reg car from Hendy Honda?

At Hendy Honda, we take pride in offering a wide selection of pre-registered Honda vehicles to suit every budget and preference. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional service and assistance throughout your car-buying journey. Whether you're looking for a compact hatchback, a spacious SUV, or a reliable family car, we have the perfect pre-registered Honda waiting for you.

By choosing a Honda pre-reg car from Hendy Honda, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – unbeatable savings and the assurance of quality and reliability that comes with the Honda brand. Plus, with our convenient location and flexible financing options, owning your dream car has never been easier.