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Kia Electrified

Why go electric?

Why go electric or hybrid? Hendy Kia are here to fill you in on everything you need to know about electric ownership.

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your current vehicle and buy your first hybrid or electric car? Maybe you’d like to know more about making the most of your electrified vehicle, from charging times and all-electric driving range to maintenance costs and electric car sustainability.

With a number of locations across the South Coast, Hendy Kia are proud to lead the charge and support you in your electric journey.

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Benefits of going electric

Benefits of going electric

Driving an electric or hybrid Kia gives you new opportunities to travel more sustainably, without sacrificing on style, technology or performance.

Reliable cost efficiency

A hybrid or electric vehicle may involve a higher upfront cost, but their strong residual values and lower running expenses make them a worthwhile investment.

Impressive electric range:

Kia’s electrified powertrains provide practical range and adaptability.

-  With our self-charging and plug-in hybrids, there’s no need to compromise on total range compared to petrol and diesel vehicles.

-  Our electric cars boast a range of up to 328 miles (combined WLTP testing), which is more than enough for daily commutes and journeys further afield

Rapid charging for convenience

Charging your Kia electric vehicle now takes just minutes. Utilising the widely adopted CCS standard for DC charging, the Kia EV6, for example, can charge from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes.

Immediate performance

Experience the thrill of clutch-less operation and instant acceleration response from Kia electric vehicles. Take the EV6, which features an all-wheel-drive traction system and accelerates 0–62mph in just 5.2 seconds.

Tax benefits

With EVs and hybrids, you’ll benefit both the environment and your wallet. Electric and hybrid vehicles offer many tax advantages over petrol or diesel vehicles, whether you drive a car for yourself or your company.

A brighter, sustainable future

Say goodbye to exhaust emissions and embrace a cleaner, greener driving experience. Kia’s electric and hybrid vehicles significantly reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on performance

Is an electric or hybrid car is best for me?


Electric vehicle technology has undergone remarkable advancements in recent years. All Kia electric vehicles, also known as electric battery-powered cars, are driven by an electric motor and battery. Kia electric vehicles offer unmatched efficiency and range, so you can embark on journeys that cover longer distances with zero tailpipe emissions.

Kia EVs are equipped with regenerative braking, which allows your EV to harness energy during braking or deceleration and channel it back to the battery. So it’s time to say goodbye to energy-inefficient brake pedal use and embrace a new era of driving that prioritises sustainability and driving fun.

Electric at a glance


280+ miles of range


Zero tailpipe emissions

Cost per mile

Low running costs

Charging time

10–80% in 18 mins (EV6 only)

Benefits of electric cars

Peak performance – All Kia electric vehicles deliver instant maximum torque for prompt throttle response and swift acceleration. Enhanced by a low centre of gravity achieved through strategic battery placement, these cars offer rapid responsiveness and exceptional handling.

Silent driving – Navigate city streets or cruise down the motorway in a quiet electric car from Kia. Enjoy a quieter journey, marked by a noticeable reduction in noise pollution.

Long-distance travel – Whether it’s a short commute or a cross-country adventure, these cars provide an exciting extensive range without the need to plug in and charge.

Emission-free driving – Kia electric cars don’t release any harmful tailpipe emissions, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with contributing to a more planet-friendly driving experience.

Tax benefits – Explore a realm of financial advantages with 100% electric cars, like various tax benefits and exemptions such as the current Congestion Charge exemption for zero-emission vehicles until 2025.

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Plug-in hybrid

There’s a bright future ahead with Kia’s plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). Revolutionise your short journeys with electric mode, and seamlessly transition to an extended range using both petrol and electricity on longer journeys.

In a PHEV, you can cover significant distances in electric-only mode at both low and high speeds. Kia plug-in hybrids boast an all-electric range of up to 40 miles, depending on the model, when starting from a fully charged battery. And on longer journeys, you can enjoy a range comparable to traditional petrol or diesel cars by harnessing the combined power of the engine and battery.

You can plug in and charge at home or at public EV charging stations when you’re out and about. At rapid DC charging stations, your PHEV can recharge in minutes, so you spend more time on the road and less time waiting. Plus, the battery also charges when decelerating or going downhill.

Experience the perfect blend of efficiency, range and environmental consciousness with Kia plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Plug-in at a glance


Petrol and electric combined range


Up to 30 miles of pure electric range

Cost of ownership

No need to charge on long journeys


Reduced CO2 emissions

Benefits of plug-in hybrids

Optimal performance – Experience superior driveability with combined power from the petrol engine and an electric motor.

Electric-only mode – Fully charged batteries mean you can go on short daily journeys in electric-only mode without using a drop of petrol, which is a positive for both your wallet and the planet.

Extended travel range – A plug-in hybrid means you can undertake long-distance driving with confidence, thanks to the combined strengths of the electric motor and petrol engine, without compromising on performance or efficiency.

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Redefine your driving experience in a Kia hybrid. Kia hybrid vehicles (HEVs) have a self-charging battery, which recovers energy exerted during deceleration to power the car further, meaning you have a continuous power source.

Kia’s hybrid vehicles operate exclusively in full electric mode while at a standstill, during deceleration or when driving at low, constant speeds. During other driving conditions, the battery works with the combustion engine to maximise fuel efficiency and achieve a range comparable to traditional petrol or diesel cars.

This cooperative effort from the battery-engine duo ensures a smooth, efficient and quiet drive, adding an eco-friendly touch to your daily journeys.

Hybrid at a glance


No need to plug in

Cost of ownership

No petrol or diesel costs


Reduced emissions and increased miles


Great for long journeys

Benefits of a hybrid cars

Excellent fuel efficiency – The synchronised engine and battery reduce your fuel consumption, delivering power while saving money on fuel costs.

Unplug and go – Say goodbye to plugging in. Simply refuel your car with petrol, just like any traditional petrol vehicle, and watch as our innovative hybrid system intelligently charges the battery while you drive.

Drive with precision – Enjoy the combined power performance through an automatic or dual-clutch gearbox, swiftly changing gears to provide a dynamic driving experience with less reliance on the clutch.

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Cost of electric ownership

What are the costs of owning an electric car? How affordable is a hybrid? What are the cost differences between an electric vehicle and a hybrid?

There are some differences between driving an electric vehicle (EV), hybrid vehicle (HEV) or plug-in hybrid (PHEV). But whether you opt for an innovative hybrid or fully embrace the electric revolution, one thing binds them all: significant savings compared to the conventional costs of running a traditional petrol engine car.

Want to learn more about the costs of owning an electric or hybrid vehicle? Speak to the expert team at Hendy Kia today.

Ways to save

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Servicing and maintenance

Embarking on your electric journey doesn’t mean compromising on care. Make sure your electric vehicle or hybrid driving experiences go smoothly and allow the team of Hendy Kia manufacturer-trained technicians to help you take care of your EV with expert servicing and maintenance.

At Hendy Kia, making the switch to electric is complemented by our commitment to providing your vehicle with the specialised care it deserves. Within every Hendy Kia dealership, you’ll find EV specialist technicians, fully certified and equipped to handle, service and repair hybrid and electric car systems.

Our workshops boast cutting-edge technology, enabling comprehensive battery diagnostics to guarantee your battery’s ongoing health and optimal performance. Rest easy knowing your commitment to sustainable driving is met with the highest standards of care at Hendy Kia.

How far can you go?

The more you drive, the more important it is that your car is always in tip-top condition, not only to maintain your car’s driveability, but to keep you and your passengers safe too.

Whether you choose a Kia plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle, you can cover short and long distances using pure electric or combined power.

Actual charging speed and charging time may be influenced by the battery temperature and exterior weather conditions. Battery range figures are official EU test figures for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are tested using WLTP. Only compare fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. For more information about WLTP, please visit www.kia.com/uk/new-cars/emissions.

What influences your range?

Type of road

Be mindful of the type of road you drive on, as it significantly influences your driving range. Motorway driving, in particular, can impact your range, especially during longer-distance trips. Consider adjusting your speed, as a slight reduction might spare you from unnecessary charging stops, making your overall journey more time-efficient.


The seasons play a pivotal role in determining your driving range. While spring and summer typically offer excellent range performance, expect a reduction in autumn and winter. Understanding these seasonal variations allows for better planning and management of your electric vehicle’s range.


Factors such as air conditioning and electronic device usage exert additional strain on your battery. Optimise your driving experience by using the Kia Connect app to pre-condition your cabin at home before departure while your Kia is plugged in. This thoughtful planning ensures a more comfortable ride and preserves your battery’s efficiency throughout your journey.

Kia e-Care Service Plans

Introducing Kia e-Care, a specialised service plan meticulously crafted to ensure the peak performance of your fully electric Kia EV6 and Kia Niro EV. This bespoke plan offers an annual check of specific electric vehicle maintenance, including tyre rotation, brake cleaning and battery state of health reports, in addition to regular scheduled servicing.

Rest easy knowing that our Kia-trained technicians and our state-of-the-art facilities – which are equipped with genuine Kia parts and utilise advanced Kia service tools and diagnostic equipment – are dedicated to keeping your electric vehicle in optimal condition.

With Kia e-Care, you benefit from a competitive fixed service price, offering transparency and peace of mind as you know that your Kia is in the hands of experts. Explore the world of Kia e-Care now.

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Benefits of the Kia e-Care Service Plan

Rotate tyres – The Kia e-Care annual check includes tyre rotation between the front and rear axles to ensure even wear rates.

Clean brakes – Our Kia e-Care service plan includes the cleaning of the brake disc surface to prevent corrosion damage and maintain the integrity of your EV’s brake system, which is especially important for regenerative braking.

Battery state of health check – Regular monitoring of your EV’s battery ensures peace of mind by providing insights into the battery’s condition. The Kia e-Care plan includes a comprehensive assessment and a detailed report of your battery’s health.

Charging at home

Charging your electric vehicle at home can be very economical, with varying costs savings depending on your home energy tariff.

If your home energy plan boasts a flat kWh price of 30p, a full charge of the Kia EV6, for example, amounts to £22. However, for those clocking substantial miles, exploring EV-specific tariffs could significantly reduce costs and help overall savings.

EV tariffs typically feature a low off-peak kWh rate and a slightly more expensive peak kWh rate. Make sure you carefully evaluate energy tariff options to make the most of your Kia.

Home charging times

Public charging: Kia Charge

Simplify your charging experience with Kia Charge – one card, one bill and a network of 586,000 stations, including 42,200 in the UK. This comprehensive solution, available exclusively to Kia customers, offers unparalleled value and convenience, making charging on the go easier than ever.

Key features:

  1. All-in-one solution: Kia Charge provides a seamless solution, offering both an app and a card, granting you access to most UK and European public charging networks. Enjoy the simplicity of one bill covering all your charging activities.

  2. Trip planning made easy: From trip planning to payment, Kia Charge is the only app and card duo you need. Plan your journeys effortlessly and pay for charging within the app.

  3. IONITY Power subscription: Exclusive to Kia customers, the IONITY Power subscription enhances your charging experience, giving you access to IONITY’s extensive UK and European network of ultra-fast charging stations.

  4. Comprehensive network access: Kia Charge provides access to a vast and rapidly expanding network. Locate charging stations, access pricing information and check station availability across the UK and Europe.

5.      UK’s largest consolidated network access: Kia Charge opens the doors to the largest consolidated network in the UK, encompassing 27 networks (over 85% of the country’s public charging infrastructure).

View hybrid range

Kia Charge offers you the choice of two base tariffs, with the option to include our exclusive IONITY Power subscription.

Kia Charge Easy

Ideal for the occasional use of public car charging points, Kia Charge Easy provides the flexibility to access Kia Charge’s rapidly expanding network without incurring ongoing fees. This base tariff offers the freedom to complement your plan with IONITY and bp pulse bolt-on subscriptions, tailoring your charging experience to your specific needs.

Kia Charge Plus

For enhanced benefits, Kia Charge Plus offers a 15% discount on networks other than bp pulse, Pod Point and IONITY. You can also enjoy the added advantage of not having to pay a session fee in the UK. Choose the option that aligns perfectly with your charging habits and preferences, unlocking the full potential of Kia Charge.

IONITY Power bolt-on

While Kia Charge seamlessly connects you to this network, enhance your charging experience with the IONITY Power bolt-on subscription. Explore the expanse of IONITY’s ultra-fast 350kW electric car charging stations, strategically placed along major motorways in the UK and Europe.

For just £6.90 per month, you pay only £0.59 per kWh of power in the UK or €0.50– €0.64 in most other European countries. Imagine charging your Kia Niro EV from 10% to 80% for just £27! Charge three times a month from 10–80% and you’ve already covered the monthly fee.

bp pulse bolt-on

While Kia Charge provides access to the bp pulse network, supercharge your benefits with the bp pulse bolt-on subscription. For £7.85 per month, enjoy significantly reduced kWh prices across Kia Charge’s largest individual charging network.

How long will it take to charge an electric car at a public station?

Public car charging stations vary in type, which means that they offer different charging speeds.

Public charging times