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Tiff Needell gets behind the wheel of Maserati Ghibli

Tiff Needell gets behind the wheel of Maserati Ghibli
2 min read Published 11 Apr 23

Former racing driver turned TV presenter and Hendy Performance ambassador, Tiff Needell, has picked up the keys to his stunning new Maserati Ghibli as part of his partnership with Hendy Group.


Tiff picked up his car at the recent Hendy Performance Coffee Run at Thruxton Motor Cicruit where Hendy Group was showcasing the whole Maserati range at the popular get together for motoring enthusiasts.


“The Coffee Run was the ideal opportunity to hand the car over to Tiff,” said Chris Amey, Maserati Brand Manager at Hendy Group.


“As a Hendy Performance ambassador, Tiff embodies the spirit of the brand, and we're pleased to see him share his passion for driving and performance with the Maserati Ghibli,” said Chris.


The Ghibli Hybrid is the first electrified vehicle in Maserati’s history. Immediately recognisable as a Maserati the car also retains the unmistakable sound that has always distinguished every Maserati.


As a mild hybrid it focuses on performance while also reducing fuel consumption and cutting emissions.


The hybrid technology exploits kinetic energy the car accumulates when in motion, recovering it and transforming it into electricity during deceleration and braking, and storing it in a battery.


Tiff, best known for his racing career and roles on shows like Top Gear and Fifth Gear, said he was thrilled to be able to drive the Maserati. “I’m fortunate in my job to be able to drive a lot of different cars but the Maserati Ghibli is a really special model and I’m looking forward to clocking up a good few miles at the wheel,” he said.