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Used Car Finance

Here at Hendy Mazda, we have a whole host of used Mazda models for sale that we're sure will catch your eye. We offer the following finance options when purchasing a used Mazda vehicle:

Mazda Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Mazda Personal Contract Purchase is flexible and allows shorter term finance agreements, so you can change your car more often. You have the option of taking full ownership of your Mazda with payment of an Optional Final Payment at the end of the contract, returning your Mazda, or exchanging it for a new Mazda.

How it works

Once you've selected the Mazda you wish to buy, arrange with Hendy Mazda the deposit you wish to pay and the amount you need to borrow for the car. We estimate the minimum amount your car will be worth once your contract finishes, based on the contract term and your anticipated mileage - the Optional Final Payment. To work out your regular payments we add any interest charges and calculate your monthly repayments based on your deposit and the Optional Final Payment. At the end of your contract, when all repayments have been made, you then have three choices:

Renew: Choose another Mazda Use any excess value above the Optional Final Payment towards a deposit for another Mazda. You can trade in your car at any time or sell it privately having settled your account.

Retain: Keep the car. Simply pay the Optional Final Payment, and the car is yours.

Return your car: There's nothing more to pay if the car's in good condition and within the agreed mileage.

Perfect for...

Customers who would like to change their Mazda at more regular intervals. Personal Contract Purchase is flexible and allows shorter term finance agreements, so you can change your car more often.

Mazda Conditional Sale

One of the most common forms of vehicle payment plans, a Mazda Conditional Sale agreement spreads the cost of paying for your new car over an agreed period. Following the payment of a deposit, you will pay off the remaining balance in monthly instalments, letting you keep your Mazda on the road in a way that is suitable for you.

There are three options at the end of the agreement:

4. Pay off the deferred amount in full and keep the car (please note, you do not own the car until you make this final payment)
5. Hand the car back to the motor finance company
6. Trade the car in against another used car at Hendy Mazda.

The Mazda Conditional Sale option is perfect for customers who are sure that they want to keep their Mazda for some years, Conditional Sale is the traditional way of buying a car. It is flexible and simple, with a range of options to suit everyone.


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