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4 min read Published 10 Jan 22

Here at Hendy, we've been delighted to be a part of MOKE's relaunch - not to mention helping our customers take to the beachfronts of the South Coast in retro style! And, hot on the heels of the MOKE 56 (the first model from the relaunch), comes another special edition: the MOKE Military Edition. Read on to discover more about this exciting model...

Putting the 'fun' in functional

True to MOKE's origins as a military-inspired vehicle, the MOKE Military Edition comes in three distinct colours: Army Green, Air Force Blue and a striking Special Ops Black. And, fitting in with MOKE's playful demeanour, the new Military Edition comes complete with a cheeky tagline, inviting customers to 'go commando'!

The new model made its global debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, and can now be found at MOKE Hendy in Poole, available to order. It comes with colour-matched wheels and hood, a tactical front light and military-themed design features. A new visual treatment to the vehicle's roll bars and canvas further evokes the utilitarian and tactical origins of the original design brief. Under the bonnet, you'll find a new 4-cylinder 1083cc engine, plus 4-speed automatic transmission. It also boasts a top speed of 68mph, with 93Nm of torque.

Military origins

This special-edition MOKE is a nod to the brand's foundations, representing the original brief given to design legend Sir Alec Issigonis to create a suitable lightweight, air-transportable, utility vehicle for the British Army in the late 1950s.

His response was a vehicle codenamed "Buckboard", which was presented to the Queen's troops in 1959. The first prototype was rejected due to its low ground clearance - however, it found a home with the Royal Navy for use on the decks of its aircraft carriers (a fitting overture to its later life as the ultimate beachfront accessory!).

Indeed, from these very functional origins, MOKE models came to epitomise open-top fun in the 'civvy' realm - with their fun yet functional design striking a chord with the swinging sixties. Isobel Dando, CEO of MOKE International, commented:

"The MOKE's origins as a military vehicle created one of the best loved automotive icons and a symbol of fun and freedom from St Tropez to the Caribbean. Today we celebrate the remarkable origins of these very special cars with the introduction of the MOKE Military Collection. We look forward to inviting new and existing lovers of these very special cars to 'go commando'!"

Go commando, with MOKE Hendy!

If you want to take the new MOKE Military Edition for a spin, contact MOKE Hendy in Poole today. We have 20 of each colour available to order - but be quick, as these beachfront icons won't sit still for long!