Škoda All-New Epiq Electric
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Škoda All-New Epiq Electric

Coming later in the year: The Škoda Epiq. Charged to explore more the Epiq will expand the Škoda electric range and helping to ignite a new future. The Epiq is equipped with the latest technology, exterior & interior modernisation that can be offered.

Minimalist, functional interior and new technologies
Authentic design reinterprets classic Škoda attributes
490 litres of luggage capacity

All-New Epiq Electric

Meet the Modern Epiq, a car that epitomizes powerful, functional, and authentic design while putting a fresh spin on classic Škoda characteristics. Boasting a sleek, minimalist interior paired with innovative technologies, this vehicle marks a significant milestone in Škoda's history.

Helping to expand the ever growing range Škoda has to offer, the Epiq is a compact SUV and offers features such as up to 490 litres of luggage capacity, modern sleek design, up to 248 miles of range and matrix LED technology. These features will help to bolster your experience when driving the open roads.

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