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Your commercial vehicles are the beating heart of your business, so you want the confidence that you’ve chosen a truck or van that perfectly suits your needs. At Hendy IVECO, we’re proud to be the hub for all your business transport needs.

An acronym for ‘Industrial Vehicles Corporation’, IVECO vehicles are renowned for being ready to take on any mission, allowing you to tailor your vehicle to suit your exact needs. If you’re exploring greener transport solutions, look no further than models like the S-WAY Natural Gas and eDaily.

We provide a one-stop shop to minimise the hassle of buying and future servicing, giving you complete confidence in purchasing from us. Contact our teams in Southampton or Exeter today to get started!

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Get a grant for up to £10,000 when you switch your diesel van to an EV

The new A3 Electric Vehicle grant scheme could offer your business a grant of up to £10,000 to switch their diesel to a new fully-electric van!

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