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Looking to achieve sustainable long-haul transport? The IVECO S-WAY is the complete package of features and services focused on the driver, on sustainability and on an advanced level of connectivity – enabling new customised services.

Tailored to you
Premium driving comfort
All the storage you need
Premium R&R


Unbeaten when it comes to tackling large missions, the IVECO S-WAY is committed to propelling the haulage industry forward.

This heavy-duty truck is the ultimate companion for drivers, a strategic business solution for fleet owners and an environmentally conscious choice for businesses. The drive-centric cab offers a spacious and comfortable environment with advanced functionalities, like the innovative IVECO DRIVER PAL voice companion.

The S-WAY enhances fleet productivity and reduces CO2 emissions. The meticulously designed cab exterior optimises aerodynamics, contributing to a remarkable 3% increase in fuel efficiency, complemented by a new engine lineup.

With a choice of configurations and sizes, the possibilities are endless with the IVECO S-WAY! Find your perfect fit at Hendy!

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