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Energy Services

At Hendy Nissan, we want to make your life easier when it comes to charging your electric vehicle. Our EV Home Charging Hub provides simple, jargon free information on how to charge your electric vehicle at home or on the road.

Home charging made simple

Installing a home charger is now more straightforward than ever. Once set up, you only pay for the electricity consumed while your vehicle charges. The most convenient method is to plug in your electric vehicle overnight, ensuring it’s fully charged and ready to go in the morning. For instance, with a Nissan ARIYA, you can wake up to a full charge with a range of up to 329 miles.¹ 

At Hendy Nissan, we offer various home charger options, all including standard installation by trained technicians. These chargers come with up to five years’ warranty² and provide complete control via a charging app, allowing you to manage your electric vehicle charging schedule. Join us on the journey to cheaper motoring. 

Getting your home charger installed

Charging your electric vehicle at home is one of the easiest and quickest options to power up. Nissan has joined forces with two top home-charger installers – E.ON Drive and Pod Point – whose trained technicians will safely install your home charger. Payment options for installation vary, from including the cost in your monthly electric vehicle payments to an upfront outright purchase. 

Charging on the go

While 85% of EV charging occurs at home or work, make sure you plan ahead for those exciting long-distance adventures. Always choose routes with charging stations, making charging a seamless part of your journey. The UK boasts over 35,000 public charging stations, with more than 7,000 offering rapid charging services. Nissan partners with ZapMap, an app providing real-time information on charging locations and more. 

Supercharge your driving

Similar to petrol cars, small adjustments in driving behaviour can significantly impact your electric mileage. Factors such as speed, acceleration, braking, driving conditions, passenger count, luggage weight, tyre pressure and air temperature all influence the battery range. 

Control at your fingertips

The NissanConnect app allows you to control battery charging and monitor vehicle health, safety features and smart alerts from your phone, even when you’re not behind the wheel. 

One-stop shop finance offer

Thanks to a collaboration between Nissan, E.ON Drive and Pod Point, you can now simplify your switch to electric by getting your electric vehicle, 7kW home charger and standard home charger installation in one single monthly payment. Explore this finance offer today at Hendy Nissan or contact us to find out more. 

Terms and Conditions apply. 1 Figures quoted are for a new 63kW Ariya standard 7kwh charger vs 3-pin plug charging cable. Charging time may vary depending on charging conditions, including charger type and condition, on-site power usage, battery temperature as well as ambient temperature at point of use, battery age and state of charge, and if battery safeguarding technology is activated.

2 E.ON Drive and Pod Point Warranty terms apply