Nissan Qashqai
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Nissan Qashqai

The new generation of the Nissan Qashqai is back with a sporty, sleek and sophisticated design and a performance to match. Every driving habit is covered in this popular SUV, with its selection of petrol and hybrid powertrains, plus a host of technological interior upgrades to help you feel secure and entertained on the road. Drive stylishly, safely and boldly.

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Innovative Nissan engine technology
A new bold and sporty look
Contemporary and comfortable interior
Modern technology for the journey

Hybrid vs petrol engines

Many more people are taking the step towards more sustainable driving options, and hybrid engine driving is growing in popularity as a result. Find out everything you need to know below!


Hybrid engines have an internal combustion engine that is combined with a battery-operated electric motor. They come in different versions – the latest Qashqai offers a mild-hybrid version where the petrol engine power charges the battery. The e-POWER engine is Nissan’s unique technology, which uses energy from regenerative braking to power the car battery, which then charges and runs the electric motor.

Pros of hybrid vehicles

  • Lower CO2 emissions

  • Electric power provides a quieter drive

  • Access to reduced- or zero-emission zones, including London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone

  • Lower running costs due to improved fuel efficiency

  • The petrol engine serves as a backup, eliminating concerns about range

  • Reduced maintenance and increased use of electric power decrease engine wear and tear

  • Maintains its value well

Cons of hybrid vehicles

  • Higher initial upfront cost

Petrol engines

Petrol engines operate using internal combustion, where fuel is introduced into the combustion chamber. The spark plug then ignites the air-fuel mixture to power the vehicle.

Pros of petrol engines

  • Lower upfront cost at the time of purchase

  • Petrol stations are widely accessible, making refuelling easy

  • Greater range on a full tank compared to an electric car on a full charge

  • Familiar design from years of petrol engine-focused car development

Cons of petrol engines

  • Higher running costs due to rising fuel prices

  • Higher CO2 emissions

  • Lower resale value as petrol engines are gradually being phased out

When deciding whether to invest in a petrol or hybrid vehicle, the primary considerations are price range, running costs and power. The choice depends entirely on your travel needs. Here at Hendy, our expert team are here to help you find the Qashqai that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Thinking of going electric? Check out the Nissan Qashqai e-POWER

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