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ULEZ van and minibus scrappage scheme

Successful applicants can now get £7,000 to scrap a van or, £9,500 to scrap a van and replace with an electric van.


Who is eligible for a ULEZ Grant?

Sole Traders, small businesses and charities based with the 32 London boroughs who scrap a non ULEZ compliant vehicle.

What if I don’t scrap my non-compliant vehicle?

You will now incur a charge of £12.50 per day that you use your vehicle within the ULEZ zone which could amount to £4550 over a full year.

How do I find out if my Van is non-compliant?

Check if your vehicle is now non-compliant on the TFL website and therefore eligible to apply for a TFL scrappage grant.

What the Van scrappage Grant amounts?

Scrap a non-compliant Van and get £7,000 or scrap a non-compliant Van and replace with an electric Van to receive £9,500.

How do I then apply for the Grant?

By making an application through the TFL website here giving the details of the non-compliant Van you wish to scrap plus details of your business.

What happens next?

TFL aim to process your application with 10 working days and will contact you to confirm if the application has been approved. They will then ask you to take the Van to one of their approved scrappage treatment centres for a certificate of destruction to be issued.

When do I receive the scrappage payment?

By submitting the certificate of destruction to TFL a cheque will be issued to your business. If you are replacing with an electric Van, you will also need to evidence your electric Van purchase before the scrappage payment will be made.

What do I do now?

Contact our ULEZ specialist Andrew Robinson on 02039 259806.