Surrey County Council Grant

Surrey County Council Grant

Is your business looking to replace their diesel to a fully-electric van?

The new A3 Electric Vehicle grant scheme could offer your business a grant of up to £10,000 to switch their diesel to a new fully-electric van! The scheme has been designed by Surrey County Council to help reduce the amount of air pollution on a section of the A3 that runs through Guildford. You could secure £5,000 towards a small fully electric van or a huge £10,000 towards each medium or large brand new electric van!

Is your business eligible? Find out below:

• Do you do at least 150 single journeys per year – around 3 trips per week – on the A3 between the A31 junction to Farnham and Guildford’s Woodbridge Hill junction?

• Do you drive at least one roadworthy diesel light commercial vehicle which you’ve owned for at least a year?

• Have you received less than £315,000 in subsidy over the last 3 years?

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The A3 Electric Vehicle grant scheme can be used against finance, lease or cash purchases on the remainder of the vehicle’s cost. It can also be used against a manufacturer scrappage scheme where applicable. The grant is on a first come, first serve basis and must be purchased from an accredited dealer.

Why make the electric switch?

Save money on maintenance costs!

Future-proof your business fleet!

Less air pollution!

Access to Clean Air Zones!

Better driving experience!

It's greener!