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Lotus Certificate of Provenance

Introducing the new Lotus Certificate of Provenance

The all-new Certificate of Provenance is now available for Lotus enthusiasts, thoughtfully enclosed in our exclusive ‘For The Drivers’ presentation box.

Inside, you’ll find three essential documents, elegantly nestled within a sleek black envelope.

Certificate of Provenance: Printed on premium paper, this document summarises your vehicle’s important details, including VIN, paint colour and specification. It also celebrates the date of your car’s final assembly at the esteemed Lotus Hethel factory, marking the moment it was created.

Build Specification Letter: Crafted from meticulous records in the Lotus archive, this letter delves deeper into your car’s essence. Uncover specifics about its engine, transmission, standard features and bespoke additions.

Personalised letter from Matt Windle: A heartfelt message signed by Matt Windle, our Group Vice-President and Managing Director. It’s not only a thank you, but it’s also a chance to learn more about the exciting transformations happening within the brand.

In addition, discover a curated selection of Lotus collectables:

·        An engraved aluminium plaque bearing your name and key details from the Certificate of Provenance.

·        A leather Lotus keyring – a chic testament to your passion for exceptional engineering.

·        A carbon fibre bookmark showcasing Lotus’s nine most illustrious motorsport triumphs.

·        A presentation tin housing four distinctive badges, each a symbol of Lotus’s storied legacy.

·        A Lotus ink pen – the perfect tool to script your own automotive adventures.

Elevate your ownership experience with the Lotus Certificate of Provenance – an embodiment of heritage, precision and a shared dedication to the art of driving.


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