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Fixed Price Servicing

Experience uninterrupted thrills with Lotus Fixed Price Servicing.

In a car this exhilarating, you’ll want to savour every moment. That’s why Lotus Fixed Price Servicing is here to make sure you car’s performance never falters.

You’ll experience more than just a great price. We exclusively use ‘Genuine Lotus Parts’ with a two-year guarantee, so our expert technicians, trained at the Lotus factory, can ensure that you get back on the road as soon as possible.

We’re committed to helping you get the most from your Lotus. That’s why we’re offering the ultimate service and maintenance package, with fixed prices nationwide.

That means that no matter which service centre you choose, you’ll be met with the same servicing prices to keep the thrill alive.

A sample of service prices. Contact Hendy Lotus in Exeter or Southampton for prices for your model.

1st year
10,000 mls
2nd year
20,000 mls
3rd year
30,000 mls
4th year
40,000 mls
5th year
50,000 mls
6th year
60,000 mls
Emira V6 Supercharged (6-speed manual) £430 £680 £430 £1,280 £430 £680
1st year
9,000 mls
2nd year
18,000 mls
3rd year
27,000 mls
4th year
36,000 mls
5th year
45,000 mls
Elise K Series S1 £320 £460 £490 £900 £320
Elise 2 ZR Supercharged + AC £320 £520 £380 £780 £320
Exige 350 V6 £320 £490 £320 £1,090 £320
Evora 410 GT Manual £320 £520 £320 £1,060 £320

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*Price includes VAT & may vary subject to model and engine size, etc.