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Lotus Connect

Elevate every drive with Lotus Connect, standard in every Lotus Eletre.

Experience state-of-the-art connectivity seamlessly integrated with in-vehicle technology, enhancing every journey for improved comfort, safety and entertainment.

You can also subscribe to Lotus Connect Prestige, which offers a suite of premium services for added control and security.

Comfort and control

With Lotus Connect, you can enjoy remote control of the air con, seat ventilation and heating, and steering wheel pre-heating.

Set the perfect temperature and air quality levels remotely, ensuring a welcoming interior every time, and enjoy pre-cooling and pre-heating of the seats and steering wheel, all with a simple touch.

Digital key access gives you full control from your smartphone, including the ability to share your vehicle’s real-time location securely with others.

With the digital key, you can control window, lock and unlock doors, unlock your boot and remotely flash lights and sound the car horn to locate your car in crowded spaces.

Safety and security

Feel confident on every drive and relish a safer driving experience at all times while Lotus Connect keeps an eye on your vehicle.

Stay informed with real-time vehicle health monitoring and notifications, and receive immediate assistance via Lotus Roadside Assistance in case of any issues.

Set up a virtual boundary around the specific areas you expect your car to be, so that if it leaves this area, you’ll be alerted by a notification. You can also activate a loud alarm and flashing lights remotely for added security.

With Lotus Connect Prestige, there is also stolen vehicle tracking, offering additional support when trying to find a stolen vehicle.

Entertainment and convenience

Plan your driving route, control your playlists and stream content on your vehicle’s centre console screen using Lotus Connect.

Use the in-vehicle app store to enjoy a wide array of music, productivity and entertainment apps, keeping you connected on the go.

Utilise the Lotus navigation system with live traffic information to find the smartest route from A to B and always find your way back to your vehicle wherever you park it by using the app.

Control key functions using voice control and even connect to the internet using the in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot with Lotus Connect Prestige.

Maintenance and updates

Make sure your Lotus always has the latest features and stays up-to-date with over-the-air software updates via Wi-Fi.

And you’ll never have to worry about missing a service. When your Lotus needs servicing, you’ll receive a notification – and you can even schedule a servicing appointment via the app.

You can also access the Digital Car Manual for helpful guidance.

Experience the future of automotive technology with Lotus Connect and enjoy driving like never before.

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