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Vauxhall unveils Experimental concept, heralding the future direction of the brand

Vauxhall unveils Experimental concept, heralding the future direction of the brand
2 min read Published 13 Sep 23

Vauxhall has announced a revolutionary new concept vehicle, offering a window into the brand’s future vision. The Vauxhall Experimental is the envisioned endgame – something it calls ‘Vauxhall 2.0’ – as the brand powers up for an all-electric future in 2028.

This striking coupé-SUV shows off the design identity for new line-up of electric cars based on the modular STLA platform, used by parent company Stellantis. Let’s take a closer look…

A century of progression

The griffin is considered a British institution. Since its first model in 1903, Vauxhall has witnessed many changes in the automotive industry – and the world. The marque has drawn praise for its adaptability, so it’s unsurprising that Vauxhall is tackling the biggest change yet to how we travel – electrification – head-on.

Following several successes in electric and hybrid models, the Vauxhall Experimental further bolsters their trailblazing credentials ahead of their planned all-out electrification in 2028.

Vauxhall also has a successful track record of concept cars – notably the legendary XVR Concept of 1966. While this latest concept will reportedly not evolve into a specific production car, it’s a clear indication of how new models will develop.


The compass points the way

The Vauxhall Experimental will no-doubt garner many admirers thanks to its beautiful design, bold stance and futuristic touches like the solar roof, three-spoke alloys and aerodynamic ‘gills’ on the side.

But the most eye-catching feature is the Compass – a design element that encompasses north and south centre lines and east and west running lights, which highlight the point brand’s griffin emblem. This replaces the new Vizor grille, which has appeared on recent models like the Mokka.

Vauxhall’s Managing Director, James Taylor, commented:

“The Vauxhall Experimental gives an outlook on upcoming models and technologies, on the future design even on a new era and the future of the brand. This stunning concept car represents a guiding light and showcases once again Vauxhall’s pioneering spirit.”


A seat to the future

Technology is out in force in the Vauxhall Experimental concept, including holographic interfaces and head-up display projections that stretch across the full width of the windscreen.

Mark Adams, Vice President Design, commented:

“Our new Vauxhall Experimental gives a more extreme interpretation of our Bold and Pure design philosophy. It gives shape to our vision of the future. Many of the elements of its design and the mindset behind it will be visible in future production vehicles. The exterior design delivers an optimised aerodynamic performance in combination with a stunning silhouette while the interior offers an immersive and emotional user experience.”


The future is electric

So, when can we expect to see the Experimental concept filter into the Vauxhall line-up? It’s expected to be the Grandland replacement and the Manta D-segment crossover, which are both due in 2025.

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