Our Exclusive Benefit Club

Why not take advantage of Hendy Vauxhall's exclusive benefits program tailored for employees and affiliated company members? Our program offers you special promotional discounts on our acclaimed Vauxhall range. Simply sign up, receive your unique promo code, and conveniently order your vehicle online — all from the comfort of your own home!
Our Exclusive Benefit Club

How does it work?

• Check your eligibility on the sector list PDF.

• Fill out enquiry form to send to the Hendy Vauxhall team.

• The Vauxhall team will reach out and provide further information.

• Receive your promotion code.

• Choose from the Hendy Vauxhall range.

• Apply you promotion code during checkout and receive your exclusive discount.

Eligibility Check List

Discover if you are eligible for the exclusive offers. These benefits include many different categories from Vauxhall retailers/employees to health & emergency workers. The Hendy Vauxhall range has the versatility to suit every lifestyle and need. Simply click on the PDF below and see the full range of eligible groups and then fill in the enquiry form below where one of our highly trained Vauxhall team can get in contact with you.

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Are you ready to unlock exclusive benefits and offers on our renowned Vauxhall range? Take the first step towards driving your dream car by filling out our enquiry form today. Whether you're a valued employee or a member of one of our associate companies, our tailored program is designed to cater to your needs. Simply provide us with some basic information and join countless satisfied customers who have taken advantage of our program and start your journey towards owning a Vauxhall today!

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