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KISHO UK Ceramic Coating

Protect from damage sustained on the roads

The KISHO Premium Ceramic Coating product is now available at Hendy Performance. This specialised product has been developed to help protect your vehicle from damage sustained on the roads and keep a professional showroom-ready finish over an extended period of time.

Applied in multiple stages, this product creates thousands of microscopic ceramic layers directly onto the vehicle's paintwork, providing a damage-resistant coating that seals the paintwork preventing damage from oxidisation, weather erosion, city pollution and other harmful elements.

The nano glass coatings will also create a high-gloss, professional finish that emphasises the vehicle's natural beauty, meaning the system will not only provide total peace of mind but it will also be sure to turn heads.

Application price starts from;

Premium Trade (2 coat pack) £500.00

Premium Trade Plus (2 coat pack inc wheels) £600.00

Premium Plus (3 coat pack) £750.00

Premium Elite (3 coat pack inc wheels) £850.00

Premium Ultra (3 coat pack plus wheels & glass) £900.00

Set of 4 wheels only £125.00

Glass only £50.00

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