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Performance Upgrades

We’ll help you to find your upgrade path

If you're not sure exactly what aspect of your vehicle you would like to enhance, we'll help you to find your upgrade path at Hendy Performance, ensuring that you love your car's new characteristics - these could include increased power, more torque, outstanding mid-range punch, stronger acceleration and faster responses.

Is it time to unleash your otherwise wasted bhp potential? Well, as the number one tuning trend, performance upgrades do just that, boosting your power. It's addictive and there are always new areas to move into and components to try in your high-performance vehicle.

Careful consideration needs to be taken and calculations made to ensure that different upgrades work well together. Our highly proficient team is also able to provide professional advice and guidance on this so that you can reap maximum rewards. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your performance upgrades, so whatever your aim is with tuning your vehicle, Hendy Performance can make it happen.

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